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Monday, November 28, 2005

Back on the Horse and riding like hell!
(damned Blogger just ate my entire entry!! UGH!)

Today I took a few moments to add the photos to the entries on Oct 29 & 30 as well as Nov 14th...and publish them... some of you might find the entry from Nov 14th interesting...I taught a class on birth control in China...

Thanksgiving was Wonderfull!!! Great food (and not just because I cooked...everyone brought such tasty homemade yummies!!!) Morgan made the yummiest mashed potatos with nutmeg and parmasan cheese! What a treat! I AM proud of my Apple Ginger Pie though --- it's the one that's almost gone now (I'll have the last of it for dessert tonight!!)
More important than the yummy food was the fabulous company!!! 8 in all... we missed Jason and Devon -- sadly they were both ill.

I'll write more about the week later... darn Blogger ate up my time!!

One last note -- thanks to all of the well wishers! I'm really doing well. The breakup was long long overdue and I had spent months healing...
I had one date last week and have another planned later this week. I'm in no rush... but I wouldn't turn away Mr. Right.

Happy Monday all!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Change is on the Wind...

Sorry if I've been away... My life needed some changes...

~ After about a year and a half...I'm single again in NYC.

~ Work has taken up WAY TOO MUCH of my time...but I'm willing to do what it takes...for now atleast (let's hope I don't burn out!) My new line launches in 45 days... including a new catalog. Yep it's that time again!!! Photoshoot days are set for Dec 6 & 7!

~ I've joined the gym! Thank goodness for personal trainers! For far too long I've put myself LAST and others FIRST... I'll keep you posted on the progress... as of today it's "OUCH!"

~ With work and the life shifting...there has been little time left to knit...I've gotten another 6" on my reversible cable's supposed to be a Christmas gift...time will tell!

Hoping you are all well! Cheers!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

What a trip

MUCH more work than play (thus no blogging!)

There are also quite a number of changes afoot in my life...more on that down the road.China's been productive. Good meals and company (as always) and fun giggles with Sanya who is now 1 (time flies!!)

My laptop died on Sunday (the final straw of this trip) but thankfully I'd bought myself an external harddrive and have been carrying it & USING it... So only convienence and minimal time was lost. I'll have to replace it IMMEDIATELY upon landing as not to miss a beat at work!

I'm sooo looking forward to getting home & seeing my boys! I need the kind of good laugh they provide, as well as the snuggles. There's nothing like 3 kitties all vying for snuggle space at once.

I'm also hoping for some downtime and blog reading over the holiday! Looks like there will be a table full after all - 8 so far and could easily be 10 when all's said and done!

I head home tomorrow! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Monday, November 14, 2005

I had the most interesting evening.
Tonight I taught a class. It was set up as an open forum that anyone from the factory could come to. At 8:20pm the 20 chairs were full and stools, boxes etc from all over were carried total more than 80 people (men and women) showed up to my talk on birth control.

Mag, she runs my account and is sort of the house Mom to everyone at the factory, she had asked me if i'd talk to everyone about birth controll since there was such little education in China and so many girls were getting pregnant without even know how/why. I know that sounds crazy, but if you were to hear some of the'd be stunned. (ie: You can't get pregnant until you've "practiced" a few times, right?) If a woman gets preganat here and the man involved denies it's his. She is shunned...whether she keeps the baby or not. She won't stay in the city she's in due to shame, and she won't return to her own village having shamed her she'll pick up and move, alone, to another city to start over. Shocking.

The talk was translated into both Cantonese and Mandarin to make sure everyone understood it the best possible.

Not only has it continually broken Mag's heart to have workers continue to come thru the door in tears that "somehow" they are pregnant...but then these ladies feel they must move on and the factory looses trained workers...and who knows if these ladies will find a new job at such a nice place as this factory. Plus - a woman with a child, having no father will simply be shunned most anywhere she goes.

PLUS - this particular region of China has the highest rate of we spoke about asking your partner to be tested etc...and having enough respect for yourself to have the courage to make sure you stay healthy. The looks on their faces when I said the pill didn't protect you from any STDs...

The talk lasted 1.5 hours and seemed to be well listened to.
It was really interesting to see the cultural differences that came out. The fears.
Education is power...

Makes me want to go from factory to factory to do this talk...

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Self Portrait Tuesday

My view for today...and likely the next few days.

The hat is about to be wripped out -- or rather just isn't "up to snuff."

Sunday, November 06, 2005


Just a quick note to share a sight from today.
When I got to my room last night the in-room snack area looked different. Two boxes had been added to the mix of booze, snacks and cup-o-noodles...

2 boxes of Durex condoms. I've never seen this in a hotel... good idea though.

Condoms is a running theme on this trip...on the 14th I'll be teaching a class on birth control to folks from my factory. I'll let you know how it goes!

Friday, November 04, 2005

It's not easy being green...but it's FUN being RED!
Hello hello -- yes- I'm alive. Things have been insane and I'm 2 weeks behind on blog entries! I'll fill them in when time allows!! (Visits with family, Halloween fun and knitting!)

I know I've been MIA... work has taken over my life...budget cuts and hiring freezes have made my busiest season unruley!
I'm back in Asia and have been bouncing around (a night here a night there) for nearly a week... No, I didn't plan the schedule this way, I'm sharing this trip with my boss until Tuesday. Totally exhausting!

A big GIANT thank you to my "Artist in Residence" Secret Pal 6! The package she sent me was FABU!! and I've really been enjoying our emails as I travel!! Thanks a BUNCH!

I'll leave you with some "Things to remember as I travel through China":
1. Having red hair and blue eye -- I'm considered EXOTIC here.

2. Shaving is easy with swollen legs from flying & too much need to worry about nicking those pesky ankle bones or knees since you can't see them anyway!

3. Since I can get noodle soups, fried rice and sushi at breakfast...does that mean I can hit the sake/wine then too?

Gotta get back to work!!! (Photo above is from my Taiwan office -- a spot of tea!)
Cheers all!