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Friday, July 30, 2010

It is done...Or has it just begun?

The move was...

Long. Arduous. Exhausting. Emotional.

The movers finished at 3:45am. They didn't bring two trucks of the size promised. One was too small. They tied some of my things onto the back of the truck. Yes, the chaise broke. **breath**

I'll meet them back in the city for the last load on Saturday when I clean it up and leave all the keys.

We have moved one apartments worth of belongings (perhaps more than the average person has in a 2BR NYC apartment...perhaps not) into a 6BR house in the suburbs. (Yes, I'm still cringing at that word.)

The separation anxiety is kicking as I awake and miss my
NYC. Surrounded by over 300 boxes and having under 2 weeks to plow through them before apartment #2 joins the fun and we have all of our belongings under one roof.


We will have 5 weeks of family joining us starting in the next few days. Having lived alone for over 10 years and having over 300...make that closer to 500 boxes to unpack to organize our new home I am a little bit... tense. **breath**

For those of you out there who've said this will be a nice 4 months where I can kick back and relax while on severance and on the job hunt... I wonder how that all works. Suggestions? Have you moved lately? It is not relaxing. At all.

We have beds put together and some sleep was had. Now to dive into the kitchen! Oh boxes. Yikes! I just want to be able to COOK again!! Here goes nothing!

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