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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


This has quickly become what my days and nights are filled with.


My fella and I are moving into a house end of this month. It's a happy time to be moving in together and it's a wonderful house... but part of me is having separation anxiety over leaving NYC. I LOVE NYC... I'm definitely NOT done with it. This is something I'm going to have to work through. Yesterday I unloaded the 80 flattened boxes from the car and was able to grab 15 small book-type boxes nicely bundled from the street. Thanks neighbors!!

I've begun sending emails to local organizations and knitting groups in Montclair (yes... although I SWORE I'd never do it -- I'm moving to NJ -- it must really be love eh?) Are you in Montclair? Any fun cooking, knitting and gardening groups to share?? I'd be quite appreciative!

I've also decided to join the Girl with the Dragon (toe-along) KAL on Ravelry hosted by my pal Knitgrrl. It will start August 1st, giving me something fun to look forward to besides UNpacking!! I should be able to get into the yarn cabinet by next week and will pick some sock yarn to set aside then!

Time for a PB&J and back to packing I go!! Made headway this morning downstairs!! Need to organize it down there so I can pack and move some boxes downstairs before the final BLOWOUT on Saturday. The fond fair well to my NYC palace-o-fun Yippee!!

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