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Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Life Auto Reboot

Yes, I know back in May I announced that I'd be writing more often... then life happened.
Change and lots of it all at once.

The Shake-up...
After over 11 years my position was discontinued during a
downsizing and merging earlier this month. I'm not the only one cast off (which doesn't make me feel better about it.) It's been difficult to just stop. I'm no good at "relaxing." What does relaxing really MEAN anyway?
(I don't just sit still well.)

The Good news...
My feller and I are waiting to hear from the sellers bank on a house we're in contract for... and I'm packing up to leave my beloved apartment after over 11 years here (I've accumulated a lot of stuff and can't wait to have a BIG house to be able to use it all in!!)

The Bad News...
Add to that my 24" iMac hard drive frying last week in the middle of a back-up. The computer no longer even recognized that it HAD a hard drive. Yes, it's under warranty and it's being replaced -- and yes, all info is toast but I wonder if any of the in-process back-up will be usable. That brings us current!

How have I been spent my first two unemployed weeks (thankfully on 4 months severance)?
After having my resume written (first time in 12 years - scary - I have a great woman I can suggest if you're in need), I've been getting my resume out there for jobs that won't go against my 4 month non-compete, watching World Cup matches at various spots around town with friends who have taken work time off to see them, gardening, reading, cooking (I've got some great recipes to post!!) and writing up some hand knitting patterns (3 of which I fear died with the iMac crash) for a book I've begun to write.

Wanting Work...
I'm interested in sample making (sewing, knitting, crochet), writing (crafts, cooking, travel) and teaching (fashion, craft, cooking) jobs if anyone has any leads out there. I can do hat related jobs after October 9th, 2010.
Part-time and freelance are also VERY welcome!!

The garden...
I've picked beans, lettuce and peas from the garden. Yum! The tomatoes and basil have jump started in the heat of the last week.

Live Entertainment...
My fella and I joined his boss & family to see Cavalia at the Meadowlands in NJ. A beautiful show indeed!! You can see when it's coming to a city near you at the link above.

Movie Entertainment...
I've enjoyed a few movies ($6 morning movies at any AMC theatre in NYC!!) I've especially liked The A-
Team and Toy Story 3 3-D. The A-Team completely surprised me. It was much funnier than I had expected it to be. Totally entertaining. Toy Story 3 brought me back through my own childhood. The loss of a favorite toy. Really a great moive. Get Him To The Greek had funny parts. Please Give was OK. On video I can recommend The Ramen Girl for any of you foodies out there (one of Brittany Murphy's last films.) It fed of my passion for Ramen.

Randomly --- Been researching for a new blender and really want the 5200 Vitamix. Does anyone out there have it? How do you like it??

I have no idea what to do career-wise next. It's all a bit foggy. It could be a blessing that I may not be working as we move and can unpack. I may travel a bit at some point after the move. Regardless my gut says this is a blessing - I'm just not yet sure how/why.

That's the update for today. Time to go watch this afternoon's match and work on a UFO. I've been attacking my UFO box between new designs. There will be hand knits and sewn gifts for Christmas this year!!!
Happy Sunday all!

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