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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Old Friends

Joe's in town (the one with the cap backwards)! Yeah!! He brought his cousin with him all in a acelebration of...

Drumroll please...

Graduating from LAW SCHOOL!!! Congratulations Joe!!

They've been crashing at my place. CJ came into town too, so I moved over to Dan's house and gave them run of the place. What's the big gathering point? Red Sox vs. Yankees!!!

It can be difficult to be a Red Sox fan in NYC... but not when they kick butt
(BOS 7/NY 3)!
Warm night, good game and old friends! Bill secured the tickets a while back -- thanks Bill!
Let's do it all again soon!!

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Monday, May 21, 2007


I am so so very behind on blogging...
Life has been all too busy!

I will, as soon as the work rush passes, get back and fill in...

** March's trip through Sri Lanka -- one of the most amazing places I've even been!

** April's journeys through both Italy and France...part of the round the world tour in a month starting in Hong Kong!

** End April/Early May's trip from NYC to Seattle through Vancouver to Hong Kong with Meg to share HK with Meg and Dan...and some of China too!

** Knitting -- I have actually FINISHED something (last night!!)

** Rickey Gervais LIVE, Broadway: Journey's End... Off Bway:BAM- Cypoline (AMAZING!)

** Engagement parties, gals nights out... walking across the Brooklyn Bridge (being a tourist in my own city.)

3 months of fun and fantastic photos to finish going through for my Flickr page...I've loaded some...about two tenths I think! Phew.

I'll get too it!!! Promise!

It's catalog shoot time of year again and I'm up to my neck designing the next catalog and prepping for the shoot! Back to it I go!!

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