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Friday, December 31, 2004

Happy New Year's Eve!
Spent last night dancing the night away with pals - old and new - at the Hudson Bar in the Hudson Hotel here in NYC! FUN FOR ALL!
Cleaned out the closets this morning of all those pesky wire hangers that I've accumulated and organized the closets too! In doing so I found that missing UFO of mine (Un-Finished Object) so it's been put into the bin of UFOs for finishing! Weeee!

I'm sitting here at Michelle's new pad. We had a lovely living room picnic and now I'll sit here and work on finishing Kerry's other leg-warmer! :-)
Tonight --- we Tango in the New Year!
I'll let you know tomorrow how it was! (Fun to be sure!)

Thursday, December 30, 2004

Knitting during the Christmas holiday...I designed a pair of leg warmers for my dear friend Kerry. She wears tall boots, tights and shorter wool skirts all winter long and I think these will help to keep her legs toasty whilest she navigates the NYC streets to work!

Her birthday is in a few weeks -- but I hope to get them to her next week before I head back to Asia!

When I pulled out the finished one to show my sister-in-law yesterday, my niece said "SOCK!" She loves socks and insisted on trying it on! She looked perplexed that there was no foot to this sock! :-)

Plymouth Encore Colorspun D.K.
Color: 7991
Content: 75% Acrylic, 25% Wool
Machine Washable and Dryable 80F degrees

Since it's double knitting weight and I am using size 8 needles (rather than the reccomended size 5 or 6), I'm knitting with 2 strands together (see top photo.)
The top cuff can be folded down (as in photo) or up if you need extra length!

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Hi all!!
As promised, here are two photos of my sweet niece in the fuzzy sweater I knit her for Christmas. NOTE: The ties are short enough so that she won't choke on them if she were to put them in her mouth (which is a habbit she doesn't have thankfully.) The ends each have an antique plastic orange button and then a yellow plastic bead above it. FUN!

She seems to love the sweater! She sits and plays with the beads on the ties. :-)


Friday, December 24, 2004

It's been an insane few weeks!
I've been wrapping up my photoshoot for my upcoming catalog as well as setting up trunk shows for Spring/Summer 2005! (I'll keep you posted!)

I'm finally sitting (yes 2:30am), relaxing - plotting out my next few days of knitting BLISS! I'm in MA now and head to NH to spend the Christmas holiday with my family! I'll post a photo of the worlds cutest little neice in the orange/yellow sweater after the holidays (after she opens it!)

I've been plugging away at those pesky UFOs...
~The Critter Sitter blanket I began and had to put down to make "who's having a baby" items.
~Clapotis (see September!)
~the lacey scarf in the works for my Mom -- for Mother's Day 2005

I'm hoping to finish AT BARE MINIMUM -- Clapotis and make a dent in the C.S. blanket over these next few days. I also need to begin a pair of WARM leg-warmers for Kerry for her B'day (in 3 weeks!) She always wears such cute skirts in the winter with thick tights -- but on really cold mornings a classy pair of leg warmers will do her well! I'm designing them now!

Off to bed I go...driving to my childhood homestead in the mountains tomorrow! Yeah!!

Monday, December 13, 2004

It's DONE! A sweet sweater for my neice!

Saw: "'Night, Mother" on Friday last--- Eddie Falco was good -- but note that this show is very heavy! I wasn't away of the plot when I went to see it - and it was heavier than I'd expected.

Oh - and for the record -- GOLDA'S BALCONY is WONDERFUL!
Go see it! It closes in NYC on January 2nd -- and heads out to LA!

Tomorrow is the final day of the photoshoot -- the new catalog is coming along nicely! I'll be back to blog once it's all done!

Monday, December 06, 2004

Tomorrow Dmitri and I go to see Golda's Balcony. It's gotten such great reviews --- I'm hoping they ring true! I'll let you know on Wednesday!

Last week a few friends and I went to see Vanessa Williams in her "Silver and Gold" holiday show.
Sadly - I was dissapointed. If you closed your eyes and listened -- it was nice...
but in opening them -- the technicals of the show were quite dissapointing. ESPECIALLY the LIGHTING! Her voice is still strong and she's as beautiful as ever...too bad her producers allowed the rest of the team to fall a-stray.

What a week it was last week --
18 hours of flying (R/T) for an 18.5 hour long meeting and two very short nights sleep...
but...the launch of my new line in Europe and the UK was a success! Yeah!

I got 3 knit hat ornaments finished on the flights (I was able to get through the screeners with my US2 wooden knitting needles (dpns!) And will finish sewing up the sweater for my neice tonight so that I can wrap it up!

I began knitting a lacy knit scarf with beads knit in for Mom last week...
and hope to rip through it so that I can also get Dad's merino wool vest finished!

Saturday Dmitri and I went to the Smiley's Yarn Riot -- it was good- but I'm sad that I was only able to make it on the last day...many things were sold thru.

Dmitri's hat (his first project!!) is coming along beautifully! I'll post a photo as soon as it's done!
Happy Monday!