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Friday, August 31, 2007

Worms, Yarn and Lobsters!

Oh dear - so many cool things and so many fun photos to post! Where to begin?

The two computers I use have been ill... one has a worm/virus and it keeps rebooting randomly (Dan is working on that for me now as I type) and the USB ports have all died but one... and the other, my fairly new (10 mos) laptop, the wireless device within it just crapped out. Hmph...

But I've refreshed another computer and will begin to catch up as I can!
Please have patience!!!

I need to get back to refreshing this computer so it'll work!!


Thursday, August 30, 2007


Because I'll be away when her official Birthday comes, I took Allegra out for dinner tonight at Savoy down on Prince and Crosby.


You must put this spot on your go to list! I've been twice now and have had a grin from ear to ear both times! THey buy their ingedients (as much as possible) from local, organic and sustainable farms. They even have some organic and sustainable wines on the list!
Tonight I thoroughly enjoyed my meal of striped bass with sweet corn, sliced truffles and two kinds of mushrooms! Yum!
The staff (all of them) were wonderful!!!

Dinner was enjoyed, presents were opened and cake with candle was blown out (and hopefully a wish was made!!)

It really is the simple things in life... a smile on your friends face. Good conversation... relaxing and being yourself. My only wish is that the photo would be a little more clear. (It's the best of the three!)

Thanks for a lovely night Allegra and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! xoxo

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Where to Begin?

I have taken SO MANY PHOTOS that I want to post... but computer troubles abound.
Work computers have failing USB ports and suddenly my laptop isn't connecting to the Internet at all! Hmph. I'm going to have to use Dan's computer when he finishes the semester and load 'em all up!

Yes -- He's nearing the end of the first of 3 semesters. He's been working so hard and getting such little sleep.

Although I know Meg wishes he was more free to hang out, she understands that he's doing 2 years of work in 1 year...and when he's done this week she'll have him for the next two weeks. He starts classes again right when she leaves again. Sad and a bit frustratingly, I won't get time with him that is alone/uninterrupted and non-school-plagued. I'll have to wait until January at his next break.

These past three weeks Meg and I have had many an adventure and explored many many fun places! From our Amtrak train journey to Massachusetts for the pool party at my brothers, Stitch-n-Pitch, beach exploring in the Hamptons with our generous hosts (thank you Knoll family!!), Crafty Clubhouse where we made artist trading cards, The Secret Garden we were shown that really is a secret in Southampton, 2 weeks of Swim Camp (day) and 1 week of Art/Drama Camp (day -- lucky kid!!), Paper Bead Fiesta where my old friend Joe and his daughter came to stay for 2 nights and the girls hit it off like two peas in a pod -- we made tons of handmade paper beads! Now to string them!

We've explored new foods and restaurants -- Roppongi for sushi (and the best Terryaki steak Joe's ever had), Sri Lanken at Sigiri food for my birthday dinner, yummy pasta at my latest favorite neighborhood spot Gennaro, and OK pasta but good Calamari at Il Violino. Chinese dinners at 2 locations of Ollie's, Mexican at Taqueria y Fonda la Mexicana and some YUMMY Japanese food also at Sun Chan. Plus all of the nights were we cooked and grilled in!

We've also been working on a...shhhhh...secret project...code name: Flower Garden
I'll post photos when it's done (and can get them online!)

Birthday fun...
The night before my birthday Allegra took me to Loft for dinner/drinks, just we two. It was so nice to see her! Hadn't seen her in person since we were out on Fire Island! What can I say about Loft. It's a GREAT place for cocktails (The Red Berry Martini - YUM with it's fresh raspberry puree) -- although the bartender that night was both snappy and rude with a bitter personality.

It's one of those places where they turn the lights down too much (can't see your plate) and the music up too loud (can't hear your date.)

It's not so hot for dinner. It was both of our first time there and the salads we had to start with were YUM! (I'd consider going back for a salad and drinks.) The side dishes - especially the haricots verte - YUM. The main courses though... $31 for an overly tough piece of overcooked steak (came medium not med. rare)... I felt bad allowing Allegra to even pay for it! She got a fish special that she was less than pleased with (which I knew from watching her push it around her plate.) She did state that perhaps it would have been better with the addition of the crab meat that her allergy to shellfish made her remove. Although the main entrees weren't great, it didn't matter! I just loved spending time catching up with Allegra! Thanks Allegra!!!

Dan cleared his entire schedule for the night (Friday) of my birthday and met Meg and I at my house with an ARMLOAD of BEAUTIFUL FLOWERS! Then we dashed off for a yummy Sri Lanken dinner. NOTE: If taking children to Sri Lanken food - beware that 95% of the dishes are spicy so they will have limited choices. Limited doesn't mean NO choices. Meg had a nice rice dish that was spice-free.

Saturday morning Meg and I boarded the Long Island Railroad and journeyed out east to visit with the Knoll family and take them up on their invitation to stay for the weekend. What a beautiful day. A beautiful weekend!!
Darlene and Brent had us (The Knoll sisters and their friend in from Germany - Sven, and myself) over for S'mores with their S'mores maker. What FUN! None of the German Three had ever had them before! WOW! Darlene gave me a beautiful book too! I'll post more about this at a later time.

The office has only 2 of us here today and my lunch break is over!!!
I think we might see Underdog tonight after I pick Meg up from Camp.

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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Stitch-n-Pitch a success!
Boy oh boy did we have a fun time!
We got on a not-crazily-full subway and were taken right to the steps of Shea Stadium!
Tickets checked, stairs climbed...
Goody Bags Received!!!
Hot dogs, french fries, nachos and waters...

Phew...time to sit and knit!!!

As we approached our seats Meg looked up and smiled at me. "They're ALL knitting! All of them! Wow!!!" And indeed they all were, with more pouring in as we sat!

During one of my trips to get us more water (it was a bit warm out) I heard a guy exclaim, "Did you see all of the knitters?"
His friend replied, "Yah, you don't see that every day... but it's not bad... looks like a lot of hot chicks knit!"
In a lucky turn of events, Dan's college group was given free tickets to the same game! They sat a few sections away from where we were seated and we were able to visit each other.
Yes, before the night was through Meg did request a ball cap sundae... "When I'm done with it, it will fit Kirsten PERFECTLY too!" Well, if it'll fit your American Girl doll...
Overall? The weather was lovely, the people cool and the game - a nail-biter to the very end!!! (Yes, the Mets won...which was OK by me since they don't play the Red Sox anyway!)

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Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Once again I've been having lots of fun and have had little time to write!

Meg has joined us in NYC for five weeks. We've been having lots of girl time as Dan wraps up his last few weeks of the first semester of his 1yr Masters program at Columbia.

Meg and I dashed off to Massachusetts last weekend for a pool party at my brothers house and this weekend we'll head off to the Hamptons for some sun to celebrate my birthday weekend while Dan wraps up his final papers and studies for his final tests.

Time for some midweek fun!!
After walking 50 blocks to get Meg to camp on time for her field trip (which they ended up cancelling) and a further 40 blocks to my office all due to Mother Nature's rainy shut down of our NYC Subway system, it's time for some fun!

We're off! Meg and I are on the 7 to the Mets game to share in the Stitch-n-Pitch fun!
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