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Friday, April 28, 2006

Breakin' the Law

First let me appologize for my lack of entries... It's been for good reason let me assure you!

Monday...this next Monday...
My new assistant will start!

So I've been getting things ready...

Let's roll back to last Saturday for the week in review, shall we?

After a day of cold crappity rain spent selecting movies to see (and buying tickets) during the Tribeca Film Festival, we, Dan & I, decided to go see V is for Vendetta.
Left the apartment, brrr... Cold bitter cold rain...
Almost at the subway and I realized I forgot my monthly Metrocard (for those non-New Yorkers it's the bus/subway pass good for unlimited rides.) in my non-rain coat... but Dan has his and says he will give me a swipe (use his card for my entry.)

I go up to the turnstyle and he swipes the card through. "GO" flashes across the screen... I go. He hops in behind me and pushes us through! I was a little suprised...not what I'd expected. We amble to the subway platform. A tall, FUBU clad man comes up behind us and askes us to please take a seat. Dan, asks him why and who he was... and... well... he was a plain clothes cop. He'd seen Dan push us through and asked for ID to write us EACH (BOTH OF US???) a $60 ticket for being "PUSHERS."

I asked him how he could write each of us a ticket when one person was paid for. He said the law is that since we BROKE the LAW, we each got $1 of that entrance fee and thus were BOTH delinquent! I asked him if I went home to get my monthly and showe him if it would make a difference. He compared our crime to that of murdering someone and then wanting to take it back. CRAPPY ANALOGY!
He told us we were more than welcome to fight it and ask the courts to only charge one of us, but that we'd have to take time off from work to do so. I kept hoping he'd be a complete jerk - but he was nice. NICE! Grrrr... Dan has offered to pay MY ticket...since he pushed me through without prior discussion of breaking said law...

We went on to the movies... V is for Vendetta - I liked it! See it in IMAX when at all possible! Of course... on the way home he pushed me through again (yes, WITHOUT prior discussion!) "He was doing his job, and I'm doing mine" was the answer to the look I gave.

Sunday brought us to the New York City Orchid Show at Rockerfeller Center. Beautiful! They had some lovely miniatures this year! I bought an Ecquadorian orchid, a kind I thought my Mom wouldn't have, and mailed it to her as an early Mother's Day gift. She's been growing orchids for a few yars now.

Sunday evening was spent with college friends supporting a dear friend of ours at the wake of his father. My thoughts are with his family during this time of sudden loss.

Monday night -- Dinner at my place with the girls. Always a treat!
Followed by Tuesday night's dinner with Morgan followed by a YUMMY Hot Stone Massage at Graceful Spa. It's Spa week, so 50 minute treatments are $50 each! Yummy! The massage was great -- it's already an inexpensive place to get massages -- it's a no frills stop.

Wednesday brought the Seiko launch. Beautiful new watches presented in one of the most amazing Penthouses I've seen yet in Manhattan (said to be for sale for $22 Million.) The view from the poolside, yes, poolside on the deck off of one of the bathrooms, this view brought us a specatacular look at fireworks downtown (assuming the celebration of the beginning of the Tribeca Film Festival?)

Last night I saw the first of the shows we bought tickets for -- Love for Share
It was interesting...I'd give it 3 out of 5 stars. It was 3 stories that all tied together. I enjoyed the first one most and my interest in them went down from there.

More movies this weekend...and hopefully I'll pick up the sticks again! I've been Freecycling things - Spring Cleaning is well underway! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Friday, April 21, 2006

It's that time...

What time? Time for my Spring Fashion Rant...

I have bee traveling for nearly the last 6 weeks. I've noticed a few things in Asia, New York, San Diego and even LA... There seems to be a few things that have not been taught to ladies as they parade their spring best.

1. A little clip'll do ya!
I know you are super excited to don your new trench coat...however, before you dash out the door... I BEG YOU - PLEASE cut the long, loose string that is holding the vent closed in the back. It's put there so the coat will stay neat and tidy while shipping. (The stores should really clip these before they put them out for sale.) Once it's on your body it simply creates a big-ole-hole in the back as you climb a set of stairs and does NOTHING for the shape of your backside. It'll take 2 seconds -- and I promise that coat will fall better over your curves!
(While you're at it, check those vents in the backs of your blazers...)

2. A little clip'll do ya (2)!
There seems to be an abundance of school girl pleated skirts running around this year... same rule applies as in #1 -- clip those darn strings and let those pleats FLOW!
How can you do a Mary Tyler More spin without your pleats set free?

3. If the shoe fits...
The weather is warming up -- time for the spring time overhaul of the closets -- INCLUDING the SHOES...
Sandals... Toes. Toes hanging over sandals.
Big ole' toes hanging over the front of your's not attractive. The shoes are too small. Didn't have your size? It wasn't meant to be.
Heels. Shoes. Heels hanging over shoes. Perhaps the saleswoman or your friends won't tell you the truth - but I will -- I don't care how adorable your shoes are from the front...from the back they look simply ridiculous. With one simple error in judgment you have instantly taken that cute outfit straight to ick. I feel your pain - very few shoes stores still carry my wee shoes size... that doesn't mean I wear them too big.

4. Winter Feet, Meet Summer Feet
We all do it -- let those pedicures slip away as we wrap our feet in soft and cozy socks for the long winter... Please...PLEASE... before donning your favorite toe-baring shoes - I beg you! Trim up the toe nails and take the last bits of that flaking polish off. Not everyone chooses to spend $$ on a pedicure - that's fine... No polish is fine - just keep them neat and tidy. However -- if you can afford it - treat yourself to a pedicure at the beginning of the season to start things off right - it's much easier to maintain through the season that way!

5. Sexy little no nothings...
You found a great pair of lacy boy shorts or tangas... they are both comfy and a little flirty? Wonderful! However -- DO NOT -- I BEG YOU -- wear them underneath that slippery flowy silky curve skimming dress. You may be saying OF COURSE, but I saw this last night at a benefit dinner here in NYC. Your pantyhose doesn't cover it up -- it simply holds it in place to show through the dress. I know your name tag says Vice President of some important place... it doesn't look very professional.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

It's in Print!!!

It's officially out!

knitgrrl 2, Compiled and authored by Shannon Okey.

I'm proud to say that I've two designs in this book, including the pencil case shown on the cover and the make-up bag inside. Yeah!

Now I'm working on designs for another book as well as a few magazine submissions... more on that later! Weeeeeeeeeee!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Yeah CA!!

I'm back from CA! The TV appearance went well as did the trunk show with thte wonderful folks over at the Village Hat Shop. Time spent with my dear friends in CA made it all the better!

After all of the work was done, I met Dan's daughter and we spent a few days at Disneyland. A first trip for all of us! Fun was had by all! Now I'm looking forward to her visits ahead and the month this summer!

It was also lovely to meet one of Dan's oldest friends. Hopefully we'll get to see her on her upcoing business trips to NYC!

I'll replace the photo below with the non-fuzzy one from Dan's camera soon!

Back to the pile of work that is awaiting me.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

C'Mon Madge!

NOTE: I'm still working on uploading all of the photos for the 9 posts still to come from the China trip... bare with me! Meanwhile some fun press news to share!!

According to this weeks Life & Style (on newstands now) -- they think Madonna would look better in one of the hats from my Spring/Summer Betmar collection!

The copy reads: Madge shouldn't have to give up style to cover post-workout hair! Life and Style suggests this topper instead: Citrus Twist (blue cap with floral covered buttons)

I'm off again ---
Friday I'll be doing a live interview in San Diego on KUSI-TV (9/51) News at Ten with Andrea Naverson & Sandra Maas. I'll give tips on how to pick out the perfect hat! Then Saturday I'll be helping folks select hats at the Village Hat Shop - Seaport Village in San Diego! Sure to be fun!