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Thursday, September 30, 2004

So after finishing 3 out of 5 skeins of the yarn I got to thinking that this scarf needs to be longer than the directions state. I'm a Yank true at heart and I know as soon as the wind starts-a-blowing, I'm going to wish I'd made it longer! Right? Right! So I popped into the underground yarn store near my hotel when I got back to Hong Kong this afternoon (a girl has to have a yarn shop near her hotel in every city! (I've also a great one in Taipei, Guandong (China) and Florence!) I went in on the off chance that they would have more of this luscious yarn I've been knitting with...and of course, the answer was NO...
BUT~~~ They DID have this OTHER yarn that it near to the same colors and is in the same weight...

MORE YARN - I definately have the illness!

So I got to thinking...which is ALWAYS trouble... I don't know how long I'll want this --- so what if I get one too few or one too many... and it's in Hong Kong and I'm home in NYC????
So - the disease kicked in and I bought all 10 skeins in the damned dye-lot. There wasn't a single person of reason to stop me!!!! And at approx $4.25 skein I had him wrap them up! Using the last of my local currency "mad money".
The thing I love about Asia - the darn cute bags that they give you...

Fun shopping bag from the yarn store!

So now my mind is thinking of a cool flower pin to knit or crochet to pin the scarf in place... or a skull cap... mmmmmmmmmm...

It's meeting time now...back to work I go.

PS - Ooh - picked up two new pairs of fun glasses here in Hong Kong too! Yeah!

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Goood Morning from Shanghai. Twas a long journey here since I had to arrive needle-less. Had to check my plastic needles in order to board China Eastern Airlines. They even make you check those hair combs with the long sigle pick style handle! Crazy.

Glad I have them back in my hands now that I'm here. The traffic is maddening. A formerly 20 minute ride takes 60+ knit knit knit! Time to start my day!

Monday, September 27, 2004

Knitting in the lobby of the Holiday Inn, Golden Mile in Hong Kong

It's GROWING!!! Yeah! I've knit everywhere, per usual! Planes, subways (MTR), taxi's, Limo's and as above...Hotel Lobbies (The Holiday Inn, Golden Mile, Hong Kong!)

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Still in Asia!

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Phew! One more day until I'm off to Asia! Got a little knitting done on the subway this morning in between packing, cleaning and laundry preporations. Hoping to be able to solve the troubles from the FLOOD before I go too (thank you IVAN!)
Off I go!

Monday, September 20, 2004

A few things I've been meaning to Post...
The set for Little Miss O -- she should be able to wear it any day now!

Image of Purple Baby Sweater

Image of Purple Baby Hat

Ooooh -- the chill is in the air -- Now it REALLY FEELS LIKE KNITTING TIME! Last week I had the pleasure of meeting so many lovely women at Kara's Yarn Swap (a brimming success I think!) Everyone brought home some FABULOUS yarns and the rest were donated to charity. A good time was had by all!

I started a new project -- yes, I have a bunch of UFO's still -- I've begun to knit CLAPOTIS, a fun scarf from by Kate Gilbert. It's the first item I've ever knitted on the bias AND the first where I will be dropping stitches purposely. :-) The yarn I'm using is a fabulous two-color space-dyed number that I bought in Hong Kong. In various autumnal colors. :-)

CLAPOTIS ala Kimberli

I had to take a break from the bright-blue Muppet-like capelet that I'm almost finished with.
I'll be taking CLAPOTIS and a new project - HALLOWIG - to China with me later this week.

I'm knitting the wig for a local children's production of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory --- for the Umpaloompas. Then it's on to Christmas gifts!