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Friday, December 24, 2004

It's been an insane few weeks!
I've been wrapping up my photoshoot for my upcoming catalog as well as setting up trunk shows for Spring/Summer 2005! (I'll keep you posted!)

I'm finally sitting (yes 2:30am), relaxing - plotting out my next few days of knitting BLISS! I'm in MA now and head to NH to spend the Christmas holiday with my family! I'll post a photo of the worlds cutest little neice in the orange/yellow sweater after the holidays (after she opens it!)

I've been plugging away at those pesky UFOs...
~The Critter Sitter blanket I began and had to put down to make "who's having a baby" items.
~Clapotis (see September!)
~the lacey scarf in the works for my Mom -- for Mother's Day 2005

I'm hoping to finish AT BARE MINIMUM -- Clapotis and make a dent in the C.S. blanket over these next few days. I also need to begin a pair of WARM leg-warmers for Kerry for her B'day (in 3 weeks!) She always wears such cute skirts in the winter with thick tights -- but on really cold mornings a classy pair of leg warmers will do her well! I'm designing them now!

Off to bed I go...driving to my childhood homestead in the mountains tomorrow! Yeah!!


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