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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Stitch-n-Pitch a success!
Boy oh boy did we have a fun time!
We got on a not-crazily-full subway and were taken right to the steps of Shea Stadium!
Tickets checked, stairs climbed...
Goody Bags Received!!!
Hot dogs, french fries, nachos and waters...

Phew...time to sit and knit!!!

As we approached our seats Meg looked up and smiled at me. "They're ALL knitting! All of them! Wow!!!" And indeed they all were, with more pouring in as we sat!

During one of my trips to get us more water (it was a bit warm out) I heard a guy exclaim, "Did you see all of the knitters?"
His friend replied, "Yah, you don't see that every day... but it's not bad... looks like a lot of hot chicks knit!"
In a lucky turn of events, Dan's college group was given free tickets to the same game! They sat a few sections away from where we were seated and we were able to visit each other.
Yes, before the night was through Meg did request a ball cap sundae... "When I'm done with it, it will fit Kirsten PERFECTLY too!" Well, if it'll fit your American Girl doll...
Overall? The weather was lovely, the people cool and the game - a nail-biter to the very end!!! (Yes, the Mets won...which was OK by me since they don't play the Red Sox anyway!)

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