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Thursday, August 30, 2007


Because I'll be away when her official Birthday comes, I took Allegra out for dinner tonight at Savoy down on Prince and Crosby.


You must put this spot on your go to list! I've been twice now and have had a grin from ear to ear both times! THey buy their ingedients (as much as possible) from local, organic and sustainable farms. They even have some organic and sustainable wines on the list!
Tonight I thoroughly enjoyed my meal of striped bass with sweet corn, sliced truffles and two kinds of mushrooms! Yum!
The staff (all of them) were wonderful!!!

Dinner was enjoyed, presents were opened and cake with candle was blown out (and hopefully a wish was made!!)

It really is the simple things in life... a smile on your friends face. Good conversation... relaxing and being yourself. My only wish is that the photo would be a little more clear. (It's the best of the three!)

Thanks for a lovely night Allegra and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! xoxo

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