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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

My Secret Pal ROCKS

Pal photo

  • I arrived in the office today to find a lovely Envelope Box on my desk....ooooh PRESENT TIME from my SECRET PAL!!! So...before I even had my coat off I had torn it open - WEEEEEEE!

  • Contents:
    ~Ghirardelli Milk Choc filled with Caramel Squares (um.. YUM!)
  • ~Valentine Pasta in Red and White (which I'll share with my BF)
  • ~A SUPER CUTE Red and White kitchen towel with Pigs on it (Did I mention that all of my Kitchen Appliances are RED???)
  • ~Necco Sweethearts - YEAH!!
  • ~A Jazzy Red Candle (ooh-la-la!)
  • ~Splash Eyelash yarn -- which for the record I love! I seem to have mislead my dear S.P. into thinking I don't like eyelash yarn... I havent' anything against it...I just loath the particular eyelash I'm using for THE SCARF because of the stiff sections (which this Splash doesn't have at all!)


Now for the curious one... I got HOME from the airport to find a package containing a windowsill type herb garden kit & book... But who's it from??? No note...and it seems to have been shipped directly from the company... so... to whomever sent it -- THANKS! Super cute! I'll plant them when I return from my next China trip for this season in April!

I'm still at work (nearing 8pm...) and don't forsee me making the SnB I'd hoped to! Argh!

Hopefully in these next few days I'll get to the few photos and bit of a story about my quickie UK trip. I'll also post a photo of the ADORABLE dress I'm working on for my Niece's 2nd Birthday -- the one I bought the yarn for at Flying Fingers...I've finished the first row of Polka Dots and am 2/3 finished with teh second and final set...which means I'm nearly 1/2(+) done with the skirt! Wooooo-whooooo! I bought her some ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE SHOES in the's the one thing I splurge on there -- even if the exchange rate TOTALLY STINKS. She's worth it!

Dmitri (the BF) posted a photo of his scarf -- he's pluggin' away at it! Go check it's his second project!

Nighty night all!

UPDATE: One more thing to add...Thanks Lolly for putting this link on your blog! For the Dulaan Project... It's right up my alley... How the heck am I going to fid the time to knit all of the things that I Want to knit???


Blogger um said...

hi there! thanks for the uplifting message on my blog. i think i get too overwhelmed with all these wips - but there are sooo many things i want to knit! argh!

yeah, let's chat about nyc :) i've never been there. ever. my dh has family up in oneida, ny, and we go there frequently, but i've never stepped foot in nyc. i'm so excited!

what a fun package from your sp! i love the valentine's theme. how fun!

take care :D

8:31 PM

Blogger mrspilkington said...

wow, great sp gifts...i can't wait to see the dress for your niece! polka dots are so sweet... we need some sort of knitters' time warp machine -- or better yet, time warp needles!

thanks for the dulaan link. off to check out dmitri's scarf!

7:31 AM

Blogger Lauren said...

Oh, yea for Dulaan! I have already done three things for it, and we have until July, so there is plenty of time to knit things for you and for them. I like the idea of sending my things to the complete other side of the world :)

Your SP gifts are great--lucky you, Miss Kimberli!

8:56 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

So glad you like your surprises! I had fun putting it all together. I'm glad your kitchen is red, I saw that towel with the pigs and thought it was cute! I'm glad you like the eyelash yarn I sent you, I loved the colors in it, very Valentiney! Have a good weekend!


10:13 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks for that link to the Dulaan Project!! I'll post it around on LiveJournal in some knitting communities! :)
PS- question- if I reply to a comment you left on my posting a reply you get it somehow in your mailbox as a member would? Or should I always reply here on your blog?

12:08 PM


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