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Friday, February 04, 2005


I'm glad to be home. Really really glad.
I was greated by meowing kitty -- for the past 24+ hours. :-)

But how can you resist this welcome:

After dashing into work early yesterday (thank you jetlag)...I raced home to meet my furniture delivery -- which I was shocked to find out when I landed, had been moved ahead one day -- thank goodness I'd come home a day earlier than originally expected.

I ordered 2 matching wonderful Armoirs from the Levits furniture store in Yonkers, NY on October...

They were going to be delivered before Thanksgiving. The day of that November delivery I awoke, groggy after having spent into the wee hours moving the old furniture into my downstairs, cleaning the floor etc to prepare for my new - - NON IKEA - - furniture. At 9am I got the call it wasn't coming. This happened again a few weeks later.

Finally in early January just before I left for my 3 weeks in Asia I got the call that they were being delivered!! YIPPEE!
I raced home mid-day from work to wait... Of course -- these armoirs are in 2 pieces...the bottom with 2 drawers and the top with 2 doors...
Yep - you guessed it -- only the bottoms arrived that day.
So - shocked I was NOT when I answered the door yesterday and ONLY ONE of the top parts was there!!! ONLY ONE???
My salesman at Levitz had coddled me - promised me that he'd refund my delivery costs and was working on a deal to get me some more money back.
When I called him yesterday I found out that he's left -- great! And, no, the manager had NOT returned my call yet! AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL customer service...

So I await the date for the delivery of the remaining piece...

Now to call the furniture repair service -- which I paid extra for -- to let them know the piece delivered yesterday is DAMAGED. OY!


Blogger Jacqueline said...

They must be run by the same people as Ikea.

3 months to get a table and only 1,200 man hours on the phone with customer service reps.

9:38 PM


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