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Thursday, February 10, 2005


It was so nice last night to meet so many new fun knitters at the
You all are picking it up SO FAST!!!
It was Dmitri's first visit to a SnB and he worked out the pattern he wants to do for project #2 - his new scarf. He's designed it himself - ambitous for only project #2!
We then walked up to Yuki (92nd and Amsterdam) to split a sushi platter and some tofu! YUM YUM YUM! Wonderful!

Tonight we're off to see Dame Edna!!! I'm SO EXCITED!
Dmitri surprised me last week with the tickets! Yeah!!!!
I'll give you the dish on it tomorrow! G'night Possum!

For everyone that has asked me about what yarn I used for my Clapotis...
According to MeMoiJa, the mini-stripe Japanese yarn I used is Diakeito in the Reds does she know? Because she's using the PURPLES combo for her OWN!!! :-)
She's also using a second yarn - a Purple Daletta. How fun!
But then..I look thru her blog and find a photo posted of her purple Diakeito...and read her entry...and it looks much thinner than the yarn I used... I MAY just have to meet her for coffee when hers is done, per her suggestion -- to see for myself! :-)
MeMoiJa -- is your yarn at all fuzzy?
The yarn I used is 100% Merino wool too... Help!

And Finally -- I finished a little fun knit-up for my Secret Pal...
I can't post a photo of it until it ends in May...But lets just say it's fun...and PRACTICAL TOO! Hee hee hee!


Blogger MeMoiJa said...

I'm always up for coffee. Or shushi.;-)
My yarn is 100% wool and it is rather fuzzy, but not fuzzy looking. I have to help the dropped stitches ever so often to actually drop.
I'm looking at your picture again and your Clapotis looks exactly like my yarn. I'll have a progress picup soon. There cannot be that many japanese yarns on sale in NYC? But then again, not even Koigu is unique.

8:13 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I highly recommend coffee with Valentina, although I seem to be unable to make my schedule mesh with hers (my fault, not hers. I can't seem to coordinate with 9 to 5'ers). Anyway, if you get a chance, steal her orange hat. I'll offer a handsome reward for it. ;)


6:18 PM


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