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Friday, February 11, 2005


I just typed up a post - and for some reason (blearry-eyed tiredness?) I closed the window instead of publishing it? I NEED A WEEKEND - - OH GOOD - it's here!

Last night - DAME EDNA was FABULOUSLY FUNNY! Go see her if you've the chance!

I got in the mood last night to start up a new project since I've had 3 fully finished FOs and one 1/2 finished (one glove with the other one in the works) in the past week. So...
On the subway I swatched with this yarn (some from my last trip to China)...

(The pattern calls for size 17s??? WOW - I've been knitting on 2s and 5s lately...17s are HUGE!)

So the swatch is for the Seed Stitch Jacket in the Winter 2004/2005 VOGUEknitting International magazine...which I just noticed is on the cover... I'd love it in ORANGE, but I NEED to go thru some of my stash before enhancing it!

I can't decide if i think it's too HOLEY -- I think that it'll end up looking SLOPPY because of the busy yarn in a seed stitch...what do you think?
So -- now what do I use? I've a chunky black yarn - but black is SO BORING to knit with!

Oh -- and one more pic -- my "little" Loco this morning was snuggling with me as I watched the Today show - but was all ticked-off when the phone rang and I rose to get it -- he didn't even BUDGE! Too bad I can't ever snap a photo of him where you can really see just HOW BLUE his eyes are! They are amazing!!

OK - Home I go -- time to defrost my "famous" pasta sauce -- the LAST of the huge batch I last made! Then it's off to a movie!
Happy Weekend Everyone!


Blogger Laura said...

Oh man, how do you keep yourself from just inhaling all that yarny deliciousness? That stuff is awesome. But I agree, the seed stitch may be a waste because it wouldn't show up.

6:45 PM

Blogger Lauren said...

Hey Kimberli! Wow, that is pretty pretty... but you might be right about the seed stitch. Perhaps the black yarn would look better. I love that blue. yum yum.

Cute kitty! *meow*

8:36 PM

Blogger um said...

hi kimberli! i agree with the other gals - you can't see the seed stitch with this yarn. but man! what a beautiful yarn it is. look at how it looks when it's rolled up - so soft and fluffy :)

i'm glad you enjoyed dame edna. i didn't know "she" was still around!

what's your famous pasta sauce? tomato-based? cream-based? i'm curious! (and looking for a good homemade pasta sauce!)

8:54 PM

Blogger Slow Metamorphosis said...

Hi! I was just surfing and came across your page. Where do you buy your yarn...any suggestions?

9:23 PM

Blogger Slow Metamorphosis said...

OMG....Thank you for the website. I am so ready to hop on the yarn bus and shop my lil heart out. I'm so jealous. I love to travel as well but I don’t get to do it as often as I would like because of work and all that. How was China? I would love to go. I'm trying to figure out my trip for this year...It's either going to be Puerto Rico, London and Paris or The Bahamas. I would love to chat with you again. I want to go thru all of ur entries so when I get the chance I will read up on who u are missy.

11:07 AM

Blogger mrspilkington said...

that yarn is gorgeous! yeah, i'm agreeing with the others, you might need to show it off more. maybe knit a bit more and see?

4:02 PM

Blogger MeMoiJa said...

I wold use a smaller needle. Even the yarn used for the jacket in the magazine looks too loose knit up. I'd like it to be a jacket and not a fishnet ... erm, thing.

8:01 AM


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