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Thursday, February 17, 2005


I've been TAGGED by Lolly...and let me NOT be the one to skip over a TAG!
Today's meme is about TIVO...
TIVO? I don't understand that crazy Jive-talk sistah!

How much space is left on your TIVO?
Um - I haven't even had CABLE in almost 10 years...and the apartment that I had it in, well - it was my roommates only hobby.
Now I travel for my job too much to pay $50/month for Basic Cable. I get 9 free TV stations now (well -- 12 if I include the 2 Spanish and one Asian channel.)
I have a VCR and an All Region DVD player that I bought in Taiwan (so I can buy DVDs all over the world and play them all at my house.) <-- it's a Karaoke player too! :-) Have you ever bought a DVD of a TV series and if so which one?
Nope - but I've been Netflixing Sex and The City & 24.

    • What was the last TV show you watched before reading this message?
      The Today Show

    • List five shows you won't miss:
      Won't miss is a very strong term... I don't have ANY --- I know, I know -- it's UNAMERICAN! The best I can do is tell you shows that I'm happy if I catch...there's a surprisingly long list...
      Friends (I loved that show), Will & Grace, Scrubs, Alias, 24, Desperate Housewives, Sex and the City (TBS?), Any Miss Marple Agatha Cristie movie on PBS, Are You Being Served?, Dr. Who...especially with Tom Baker (yes - I'm one of those people), Gilmore Girls, Everwood, The Carol Burnett Show, I Love Lucy, The Medium.
      Usually I try to fill my nights with exploring NYC as affordably and excitingly as possible -- which IS POSSIBLE if you research out the options and hanging out with friends (and going to SnB's!)......see below for last night's outing! Of course - when I AM HOME and the tube is on...I get sucked in (probably since I didn't really watch TV as a kid or in College) but I can knit and watch along no problem.

    Three peeps to pass this on to?
    Dmitri - because he's building a computer that will TiVo without the cost of TiVo...and I'm encouraging him to blog more!
    Michelle - because I love her blog and wonder what TV shows she finds entertaining!
    Norma of unraveling because she knows how to yodel (I wanna learn!) and also loves to make up new lyrics to songs just to embarass her friends/family (I too do that!)

    Of course, you don't have to do it, folks... just for fun! :)

    LAST NIGHTS FUN! FUN! FUN! Last night I got tickets to go see a theatre production that is set up like a Live Radio Show. This one is called What fun! As the poster reads..."Tough dicks, luscious dames, flying bullets, victims dying..." AND it fit in to my budget for the week! Tickets were $3/ea through my ticket membership and you got a free drink ticket too... With which I chose a mint tea over a bevvy since I had a long night of cleaning and packing ahead of me! (Can you STAND the EXCITEMENT!)

    In May 18th they will start the production of War of The Worlds!!! You can find them at:

    Today I'm all packed and off to Birmingham,UK for a few days of working a trade show. Although I'm the designer, I go to the UK shows to "prove" we're an American company and that we don't just use the name "New York" for it's cache.
    I'm NOT luggin' the laptop (YEAH!), so I may only have the one shot to pop in over until next Wednesday! I had HOPED to be able to pop in on the Birmingham, UK Stitch-n-B*tch group which meets at the Public Library on Saturdays... but they will likely be done when we've finished setting up the booth. Have a GREAT WEEKEND EVERYONE...


    Blogger um said...

    thanks for the tag! hey, you're a fellow "are you being served?" fan, eh? i love that show. it's on here every saturday at 8.

    hey, i'm bringing about 100 girl scouts (i'm nuts) to broadway in august. any tips for me? i've never been to nyc before!

    have a wonderful & safe trip to the uk!

    8:01 PM

    Blogger Lauren said...

    Oh, Kimberli, you world traveler! Must be nice :) Hope the UK was fun!

    7:58 PM


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