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Monday, February 07, 2005

International PJ DAY A SUCCESS

Yesterday Dmitri and I went to one of the LYS's for the "SUPERBALL SALE"...I mean -- how can you turn down 40% off Noro and Rowan???
He bought some Rowan 4-ply soft in a luxe burgandy color to knit a scarf (project #2) with... it's 100% Merino. He spend the afternoon trying different test squares - one with yarn doubled, the other with it single strand. I LOVE the doubled...but he's afraid it won't be warm enough...there are a few wee holes in the knit pattern (it's Mama's Sophisticated Scarf from SnB Nation)... I think he should move from 8s to 7s, keep the strands doubled and go at it! I'll keep you posted!

I, of course, checked my sanity at the door of the yarn sale...
I can't even go into the stash enhancement (Cascade 220, Noro, Reynolds Odyssey...Berroco Softwist Bulky!) -- NO BUSINESS - NONE!
But - I did get the Rowan Magazine Number 36 (not on sale).
I'm adding the Mosaic Pillow and the Swirl Pillow to my Oooooh I wanna make THOSE list. Of course - there are some sweaters too! OY! Need to find more time to knit! Dmitri likes the Garth Men's Sweater -- I think we may have found the pattern for his first sweater. Phew!

After the Yarn Sale we hit Macy's -- last day of tax free shopping in NYC. He found some lovely shirts!

FUNNY STORY OF THE DAY! We stopped at my corner Bodega for some guacamole supplies and the two Korean ladies behind the counter said "Super Bowl eh?"
I said, "No, International Pajama Day." Look of confusion fell over them.
I continued, " We just went yarn shopping, now it's home for movies, guacamole and knitting the afternoon away in my Pajamas - it's International Pajama Day."
Smiling and nodding, "Wow. Hey, did you knit that scarf [Clapotis] around your neck?"
"Sure did!" I replied.
"Can I see it?" asked the older woman. She looked over it and began to ask a zillion questions of HOW and HOW LONG...then asked,"Where is there a nice yarn store - you said you went to one this morning?"
I ended up dumping my yarn out of my bag into other bags and gave her the bag with the store info on it!
Don't-cha just LOVE meeting new knitters/yarn people?

NEXT - it was off to I. PJ. D.!! Home!
Then it was time to MAKE THE GUACAMOLE!

I Immediately donned my new sock covered PJs!! A Christmas present from Deb!
Action shot - practicing Continental BABY! Working on a blanket that needs to be handed in today for Critter Knitters, used up stash's super thick and cushy!


Thanks Dmitri for taking the pics!

2 ripe** Avacados
1 fresh lime
2-4 cloves of garlic (I use 4 med size) - chopped up
1-2 T cumin (your taste)
1 t salt (your taste)
1 jalapeno - chopped up

Choosing a ripe Avacado ---
Pick one that is soft to the touch - not MUSHY - but soft. The "stalk end" should very easily come of when picked at.
If you can't find ripe ones - put into paperbag in a cabinet at home and wait -- ripening can take 4-5 days -- but double that if it's not in a paperbag.

Into your serving bowl put garlic, japaleno, 1T cumin, 1/2t salt.
Cut Avecado in half and using a big ole spoon, scoop out the flesh from one side into the bowl, popping out the pit. RESERVE ONE PIT!!! Mash everything with fork.
Season with more cumin/salt to taste...adn depending on how hot you want it, you can add some hot sauce. I prefer the flavour of Sriracha HOT chili Sauce (found in Asian grocers) to Tabasco ANY DAY.

Once you've made the guac...toss in one of the Avacado PITS...
your guac won't turn brown. Promise!

Sadly - Jet lag got the better of me and I fell asleep on the couch at 8pm! (since my neighbor had decided that 5:30am SUNDAY was the best time for all of us to enjoy The Rolling Stones Greatest Hits...I finally utilized 311 (NYC's useful help #) and reported him to the cops. 25 minutes later he abrupty turned it off. Was it the cops of was it someone in his own building...he is my NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOR!! I never even KNEW there was a tenant there when Jane lived next door - don't like new neighbor - inconsiderate he is!)

Oh well - got lots of sleep...woke at 5am (WAY WAY WAY TOO EARLY) but it gave me time to load in the photos and write this all up!


Blogger Lauren said...

You look so comfy in your jammies. I had to go out yesterday, so I did not participate... but I love being in my pjs all day :)

That Superball Sounds like so much fun... there was a small sale at my LYS, but not like that--40%! wow!

I *heart* guacamole, and I even made some this weekend.

Hope your week is fabulous! Take care!

11:53 AM

Blogger Gewel said...

I just hate neighbors like that. Glad you ratted him out!

11:55 AM

Blogger Lisa Chau said...


-- Lisa

12:24 PM

Blogger mrspilkington said...

oh, you look so comfy! i had to practically tie myself down to stay away from that yarn connection sale, so i'll have to knit vicariously through you! thanks for the guac recipe and tip -- i'd never heard that about the pit. wow, 311 is effective. may have to try it out soon.

2:55 PM

Blogger kat said...

Hey Kimberli, It was great meeting you in Tokyo at the Stitch + Bitch. Am really glad you came - I was totally jet-lagged (got back the day before from Europe), so sorry if I seemed a little lacklustre. Hope I can visit New York again soon. Love the PJs and the knitting. It's a long weekend here this week, so hopefully I get in some serious PJ knitting time!!!

3:53 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I did not know about the special day, but most likely I celebrated it anyway....I only change out of my comfy pjs if I absolutely HAVE to these days. cmon, it's winter!:)
oh and by the way,you must've typed it in wrong.
my hunny's still #1, see:
handsome boyfriendhehe perhaps soon he won't be, google is a fickle lover I'm sure.;)But for today he is still the HANDSOMEST BOYFRIEND IN ALL THE GOOGLE WORLD!!!!..hehe

2:05 PM

Blogger Laura said...

WOW! My guac always turns brown. thanks so much for the hint!!!!

6:42 PM


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