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Thursday, January 13, 2005

I'm writing this on my Blackberry on the plane to China and will cut & paste it into my blog later.

I've been working on the lacy scarf: “Variation on a frill” from Knitty.
Althought the pattern calls for solid color Egyptian Cotton, I'm using a space-dyed rayon/nylon eyelash type yarn that I picked up in August in the Canton Fabric Market in Canton, China.

I started this back in November and put it down in Mid-December to finish up Christmas gifts.
Last week I tried to pick it back up, the darn eyelash yarn is the toughest yarn I've ever used.

The strand is a bit stiffer than you would think and the eyelashes are soft, but the stick to/hold the loops hostage!

So what's a girl to do? I'd gotten past the frill and had done about 20 round of the body -- and not done then well - I apparently messed it up somewhere and was too tired to notice! (That's called 'the busiest time of my season'...mental note, next time work on a simple garter stitch scarf during those weeks!) I sit here on the airplane to Hong Kong, relishing my 14 hours with nothing to do but sleep, knit & eat...I frogged it all the way back to the frill and began the body again.
Now... Now it LOOKS GOOD!


I'm now past where I was before I boarded the plane.


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