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Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Don't FORGET [shudder at the thought!!!] that it's INTERNATIONAL PJ DAY this SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 6th!!!

For a great photo journal of how it works... see UNRAVELING

For an angry venting on why it's SO MUCH BETTER THAN THE SUPERBOWL... see Jen La

And not to forget -- I got a lovely eCard from my Secret Pal while here in Japan! Thanks Secret Pal!

I'm sitting here in the Narita (Japan) airport...waiting in the Free Yahoo Cafe (located in Terminal 2 if you ever come thru...) My flight has been delayed... weeeeeeeeeee! I expected this. After 3 weeks of Asia-bouncing and not ONE - ZERO - ZIPPO flights delayed... OF COURSE the flight taking me HOME would be delayed. The BEST news is that NOW I'll be lucky enough to get stuck in rush-hour traffic trying to get home to NYC. Ahhhhh. It's likely that I will miss both the visit from my BF (he was stopping by between meetings tonight), AND the Upper West Side Stitch-n-bitch meeting --- the anniversary celebration meeting. Hmph.

Perhaps there will be one hell of a tailwind and I'll land early.
Here's to hopin'!

PS --- I finished knitting the pinkie at the Pink Cow last night and the thumb on my glove on the bus to the airport!!!
I just have to sew in the ends and 1/2 of the pair is DONE DONE DONE! Yeah baby! I'll start it's mate on the flight home! Weeeeee!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Kimberli,

No yarn shopping in Japan ? Anyway, the yarns you got in China / HK maybe enough for one year use !

Have a safe flight and drop us e-mails after you back to home.

Best regards


3:30 AM

Blogger Celia said...

It was nice to hear from you when you were at Narita, and even better to find out that you're directing folks my way! Thanks for the plug. I hope you have a very restful IPJ Day, after all that traveling. Send me your pj photo!

P.S. I will be in NYC for a short visit Feb 11-15

7:37 PM


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