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Sunday, February 13, 2005


Flying Fingers vanYep - that's me with the giant smile on my face!! Why you ask? I'll tell you! Saterday Dmitri brought me to Flying Fingers in Irvington, NY! Yeah!!!! As we approached, I saw the van... Dmitri was keeping an eye on the street numbers...when we finally were close he noticed the van that was parked right outside the store.

You all should go to Flying Fingers!

What a lovely shop! Elise and her staff are wonderful...and the place was HOPPIN'! There really are the most types of yarn that I've seen in one place on this coast! I loved that they only had a few skeins per color on display - allowing many many more types of yarn to be shown...but the reserve was just a few minutes wait while the diligent staff picked your wishes from their vast stock located in a nearby building. The store has such a wonderful feeling - warm and colorful and energetic -- yet very very relaxing! Flying Fingers van Oooh - the COLORS - by now you all know that I've gotta have color!!! And the set up of this store fed right into my needs... I love the choices in needles from rosewood and hardwoods to bamboo and metal in every size your projects may need. I found every needle on my list - - - many of which have been there for months! Yippee!! The staff was very willing to help. I was asked a few times if I needed help - but never in a pushy way - HOW WONDERFUL!
Flying Fingers vanDmitri bought his first set of needles -- hardwood 7s like the ones I've been loaning him...and he bought a book...The Best of Knitters: Arans and Celtics...YEAH - now I can borrow a book from him!

I was very very good...I only bought the needles that were on my list, a cool sock book and Tahki Cotton Classic in Fuchsia and Bright Yellow for the Petite Chic dress from Minnow Knits for my nieces birthday gift. It's done on size 5 needles - - it'll take a while -- I have until April 8th!
NOTE: The link to the yarn is not to Flying Fingers because they don't have it up on their site yet... BUT... at F.F. it's only $5/skein whereas all of these other places in the net I've seen them at $6.50/skein! Flying Fingers van
Another Cheer for FLYING FINGERS!
Hip hip Horray!!!! Elise was kind enough to let me take a few photos for my blog - Thanks Elise! And of course - I told her I'd give her a shameless plug since I had enjoyed myself so much! Thanks Elise! There are also a number of lovely shops, restaurants and cafes in you can make a day of it!

roses from dmitriOn another note... I've got a few THANK YOUs to jot down! Firstly - Dmitri cooked me a lovely Valentine's dinner last night (we celebrated a night early!) Yummy salmon! Mmmmmm! And today he sent me a georgous bouquet of roses - I'm a damned lucky gal!!!
Last but not least -- I got a very funny Ecard from my Secret Pal -- and yes - to you Secret Pal - it IS hard being a sex symbol! Ha ha ha! Thanks - it gave me the 4pm Monday afternoon laugh that was so desperately needed!
Tonight it's drinks with my friends - a whole room of Valentines! Weeeee!
Happy Valentine's Day!


Blogger Lauren said...

Wowy zowy! What a nice treat! That place looks totally awesome :) I am still lovin your coat and Clapotis... have a great V day, Kimberli!

6:57 PM

Blogger MeMoiJa said...

I'm going next Saturday!

12:13 AM

Blogger um said...

wow, what a sweetheart D is to take you there. that's so sweet! that place sounds fabulous. gotta love that van! i really like their stocking idea - that totally makes sense.

glad to see you had such a great time! if i ever get up to nyc, i'll be sure to check out ff!

8:08 AM

Blogger Lauren said...

I tagged you on my blog, Miss Kimberli--check it out! :)

8:06 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOW what a zany incredible place!!
ok, NOW you've got me convinced about this guy. I even went and peeked his new blog. OK I know you were just Waiting for this (hahaNOT) but I APPROVE. :)

THERE. now.
aw sweetie, the guy is even taking up KNITTING!!!!??!!
the thought of the two of you knitting together is just too much!!heeeee
aw, ok, now I'm happy. I wanted to be sure you got a good one, you know, cause you deserve it so. I think so, no?

12:04 PM


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