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Thursday, September 30, 2004

So after finishing 3 out of 5 skeins of the yarn I got to thinking that this scarf needs to be longer than the directions state. I'm a Yank true at heart and I know as soon as the wind starts-a-blowing, I'm going to wish I'd made it longer! Right? Right! So I popped into the underground yarn store near my hotel when I got back to Hong Kong this afternoon (a girl has to have a yarn shop near her hotel in every city! (I've also a great one in Taipei, Guandong (China) and Florence!) I went in on the off chance that they would have more of this luscious yarn I've been knitting with...and of course, the answer was NO...
BUT~~~ They DID have this OTHER yarn that it near to the same colors and is in the same weight...

MORE YARN - I definately have the illness!

So I got to thinking...which is ALWAYS trouble... I don't know how long I'll want this --- so what if I get one too few or one too many... and it's in Hong Kong and I'm home in NYC????
So - the disease kicked in and I bought all 10 skeins in the damned dye-lot. There wasn't a single person of reason to stop me!!!! And at approx $4.25 skein I had him wrap them up! Using the last of my local currency "mad money".
The thing I love about Asia - the darn cute bags that they give you...

Fun shopping bag from the yarn store!

So now my mind is thinking of a cool flower pin to knit or crochet to pin the scarf in place... or a skull cap... mmmmmmmmmm...

It's meeting time now...back to work I go.

PS - Ooh - picked up two new pairs of fun glasses here in Hong Kong too! Yeah!


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