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Friday, January 05, 2007

Yippee - The New Line is Released!

After four and a half months of work and bouncing over 3 continents, tonight I launched my new line. Hooray for Autumn/Winter 2007!! After the line has been out for a while I'll post a few pages of the catalog. I'm very very proud of it! We needed a new direction and this season caution was thrown to the wind and a new direction was had!

Now to see if our customer base of buyers agrees with the vast change that I made to the presentation! Keep those fingers crossed!!!

The launch itself went well. My sales team liked the line, both old and new sales people. Phew! You may be asking yourself - what's with the school bus? This is the mode of transportation that my boss hires each year for the entire crew to travel in to the restaurant. We used to use taxis, but then people get split up and one cab takes too long and the table is held etc. etc. etc. Some folks on the team are embarassed to board and ride in said school bus, but I think it's a riot.
This season, we went back to Mama Mexico's (East Side) for the after launch festivities. Margaritas, fresh tableside guacamole and other fab Mexican food. Oh, and a shot with some of my team. Thanks guys! We hadn't been there in a few seasons and the requests piled up to return.
Time for some shut-eye. Fun day ahead tomorrow!

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