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Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Eve Eve
At 11am my doorbell rang. Dan and Meg were here to start our day of fun.
First it was present exchanging time.
Meg opened hers first. Some favorite books I'd picked her up in London.

I opened my gifts. A great Yarnhead doll from Meg (I love it Meg!) A beautiful bracelet from Dan and a wonderful piece of Art (a cool print of a knitter - I still have to photograph it!) Then Dan carefully opened his gift as not to rip the nice paper. (JUST TEAR IT OPEN!!!)

Next it was brunch time! We enjoyed our brunch at Mama Mexico's - tasty as always! Meg enjoyed singing along with the roving Mariachi singer. He seemed to enjoy it too!

Onward! We went to Rockafeller to go skating, but the line - OY - the line!!! So we occupied ourselves at a bookstore before walking down to Bryant Park's rink, The Pond... Again, the LINE! There would be no time for skating now as we had tickets for a late afternoon showing of Charlotte's Web.
We all enjoyed the movie. What a great book! So glad the movie did it justice.

Walking back to Bryant Park, the line...was even longer! We grabbed a few cups of hot cider and sat to watch the skaters on the rink. Poor Meg had been carrying around her skates all day and was aching to be out there on the rink. This was going to be my first time on skates in over 10 years AND my first time in NYC!
Don't worry, we decided to come back the next day!

What's a girl to do? Go to dinner! We walked up to Trattoria Dopo Teatro. Yum as always!!!A lovely day was had by all. I needed to get home for a good nights sleep if tomorrow would bring skating with an 8yr old! I'm out of practice!

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