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Saturday, December 23, 2006


I was up and out in good time and began the 5 hour drive to Massachusetts through the pea soup fog, very excited to be picking up my niece for our first bit of special time together, just she and I.
I was surprised to see that the Mass Turnpike only had one person working in a toll booth, leaving the rest automated...which meant a 30+ minute wait at the tolls to pick up a ticket. Odd for a holiday weekend I'd think. Gladly, that was my only snag on the way up.

After a quick lunch, my brother put Alana's car seat in my Pontiac G6 (not a car I'd reccomend to buy) and we were OFF to Nana and OB's (my childhood home) in the mountains of New Hampsire.

As we were loading up, my niece looked at me while holding her pink Disney Princess Laptop and told me, "While we're driving I must do some work. I have a lot to finish before we arrive and my customers are DEPENDING upon me!"

Yes, she's 3.5 years old going on 30... I looked at my brother as he looked up hearing her version of parroting something he's likely said to her a number of times before. She's so smart.

We stopped and picked up pizzas /salad for dinner to share with Nana and OB, and made the 2 hour drive with only a little chatting before she fell sound asleep...I guess her customers will have to wait for her to finish some other time.

After our lovely meal, we all decorated the tree together.
Very fun. My neice is SUCH a good helper! Have I said how smart she is? Wow!
The things that come out of her mouth continue to astound me. She speaks with wisdom of someone much older.

Finally it was bedtime, but since her Mom and Dad hadn't quite arrived, she wore one of my Tshirts to bed. If that's not cute I don't know what is!
What a lovely way to start the holiday.
Come on Snow!!!

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