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Thursday, December 28, 2006

No Muscle Shirts Allowed
After driving from NH to Rhode Island I finally arrived at a long overdue stop. Botticelli, my friend Jan's store in North Providence, RI.
She's really worked hard to build it up to where it stands today. She specializes in Plus-Size clothing, including everything from sportswear to bridal and under pinnings. "Generous clothing for the Curvaceous Woman." I tell her often but I'm not sure she really knows just how proud I am of her and her success!

If you're in Rhode Island, or heck, even Boston, it's a short drive to her shop!
Jan and I met one fateful day her freshman year of college. Both sarcastic and too big for our britches we hit it off from the get go! It's been a few years since I made it up to RI and thankfully her store has had her in NYC more often so we can at least have lunch! I know that I'm blessed to call her a friend even when we're far apart.

Remember, it had been a while since I'd driven before this trip...let alone driven behind Jan on roads I didn't know. Damn girl - you are crazy to follow! After checking out her store we cruised back to her place to await her husband for dinner. Sophie - their adorable pooch - greeted us at the door! Jan showed me to my room and I was greeted by this...

She knew I'd had a few rough months and had gone treeless for the first time in years...she said since I'd always made Christmas for her through college, she wanted me to at least have a tree! It's Fab! Such fun! Thanks! (This photo was taken at my house the next day.)

WG arrived home in time for us to have a lovely coffee clutch as I knit some of the cable knit vest for my father - and soon we were off to dinner.
They took me to a local favorite down by the water. As much as I love the photos above...this is my favorite Rhode Island photo. This sign greeted us on the front door as we entered this massive bustling restaurant.
I don't think I've laughed like that in ages. Jan laughed because she'd never noticed it was there! (She's a head+ taller than was at my eye level, I'll give her a break!)

Dinner was nice. Since I was in New England still, and knowing that I'd be in far-off lands during St. Patrick's Day this year, I went for the Corned Beef and Cabbage. I wish I'd put something in the photo so you could gauge the size -- massive! Massive portions! (I took it home and it filled 3 more meals!)

Retiring back to the ranch and staying up talking later than she's used to (it's my job) brought me back to the good old days of studio apartments in attics and Sunday night dinners over the deli. Good times that grew our friendship to a place where we are still able to just pick up where we left off.
Thanks for a wonderful time Jan. See you soon!

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