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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Book Day!!!

I awoke to THIS --- SNOW!!! YIPPEE!!!

My niece and I had to get out there and play in the snow, even if only a wee little bit (since we weren't going to have time to change again if we got all soggy. So I made up the game "big foot little foot" where we walk next to each others feet and it looks like someone had stood there with one big foot and one little foot. This totally cracked Alana much so that I was asked to go in and bring out Nana to try the game as well!

We have a wonderful family tradition that takes place the day after Christmas. On Christmas day we each find an envelope in the tree with our names on it containing $25. This money is spent the following day at the Dartmouth Bookstore in Hanover, NH. We’ve done this since my brother and I were kids. Their clearance section has always been a great way to build our personal libraries!

Our wonderful friends, Brian and Anne Marie began to join us – gosh, how many years has it been now? We had a lovely lunch at the Dartmouth Inn and then were off to book shop!!

Once we’d spent our allotted money (and any extra .. ehem…), I dropped my folks and niece off at their house and I dashed to Meredith to meet up with my dear old friends Jen and Kate at Church Landing. They have a very nice and relaxing lounge that we ate dinner in leisurely as we chatted and laughed.
Another lovely day in NH. Tomorrow I head south!

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