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Monday, December 25, 2006


The day began with our traditional opening of the stockings. We all pile onto my parents bed as we have since my brother and I were children and we open the presents in the stockings.

From here we went downstairs... I love this photo of 9 month old Alex looking around the new wall! This used to be a totally closed wall -- let alone the addition of the hallway sky light! My father has done so much work on the house since I saw it last! Mom convinced him to wait on installing the new staircase until after the holidays... Just in case it wasn't done in time and we couldn't get to the top floor! The living room (some day dining room) is so much more comfortable with this added light.

And raced to see what Santa brought! Look -- the cup of milk, cookies and carrots - GONE!
And a lovely note left in their place!

Then we all had a bite to eat (even though I know it was REALLY hard not to just go open more presents...but nobody likes a hungry crabby-crab on Christmas!)

And then... it was gift opening time!!!

Some highlights...
*Alana and her pop-together jewelry set.
*Giving my Dad what was done of his cabled vest so far...of course I had to reclaim it to bring it with me so that I can finish it!
* Mom getting her serger from Dad.
* AC getting her lathe from Keith.
* Alex getting the beautiful bunting that Mom (Nana) knit for him.

After all of the gifts were opened, and before we went to our neighbors for Christmas dinner. (A wonderful spread as always!! Thanks!)
It was fun to watch Alana and OB (my Dad) make some fun things with her new pop-together jewelry set.
As the day ended... there was snow.
SNOW!! Let's see what it looks like tomorrow!

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