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Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year's Eve!!

There's nothing better than a lazy Sunday morning with the NY Times and a good pot of something hot! After my lounging was done I dashed to Bryant Park to wait in the line, carrying Meg's skates (I'd brought them home the night before -- not exactly what you want to carry to the opera!) She and Dan were at a Children's Opera at the MET and would meet me later.

I arrive at The Pond early, prepared to WAIT, and... I was SHOCKED... The line was 1/5 the size it'd been the day before! Fantastic! When my skating companions arrived there was a mere 20 minute wait and then, voila, we were rink bound!

It's true, ice skating is like riding a bicycle in that you never forget! After a few rounds to find my ice legs I was zooming forwards, backwards and sometimes sideways to avoid some of the wee daredevils out on the ice! We were all grinning ear to ear. What fun!! Wwat laughs! I gave a single skating backwards lesson to Dan to boot!

After we'd skated our fill we headed over to

What a fun day!

I said my goodbyes to Meg (she'd fly back west tomorrow) and they headed back to Brooklyn as I dashed home to change!

Now onto the night time plans!!

Michelle soon arrived and we were off to Birdland to ring in the New Year with some Jazz. Yippee!!!
A fruit/cheese plate and a good bottle of bubbley and we were shimmying in the night from our chairs. How can you sit still when listening to this music??? No way!!

I love Birdland. Love it. It's one of my favorite spots in town to see live Jazz. Great sound and good seats all around! Tonight we were here to help them celebrate the 11th year of the 18pc Chico O'Farrel's Afro-Cuban Jazz Band calling Birdland home. Hillary Kole joined in to sing a few lively and sultry numbers (Dan and I had seen her here last Valentine's Day in fact.)
What fun!
Great company, great music and a great atmosphere!
It was the best New Year's Eve I've had in years!

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