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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Denim and Witched and Friends - OH MY!

Today I got up rather early to say goodbye to Mom before packing my car and starting my southward drive. I hoped to catch the JCrew outlet (NH's sales tax free!) open to score a few pairs of jeans in their after Christmas sale...I've now lost 13lbs and am in desperate need of some well-fitting jeans!
After JCrew I headed to Portsmouth to pick up my friend Joe so we could dash to Salem, Massachusetts to meet up with Jo, Emanuel and the Singaporean crew that I'd enjoyed spending time with last week in NYC! 45 minutes after getting Joe we reached the Witches Brew Cafe where we'd meet everyone for lunch!

After lunch we walked over to see the Friendship - the ship they have docked nearby (Upper left) - on our way to a grand cup of coffee at Jaho Coffee and Tea. After waiting quite some time for our coffees, they arrived expertly made (left). We hadn't seen the motto of the place on our way in "Live Slow." So we did. If you're nearby, check them out.

From here we wandered past the sculpture in the town center to the Salem Witch Museum. Sadly it's... a bit of a let down. The show was a bit...low grade. I'm not sure what we were expecting - but we all seemed to have more fun talking about how bad it had been than anything. Of course there was also a bit of fun in the gift shop too!

Joe and I had to dash back to Portsmouth to meet his sister and her husband for dinner, but met the crew later in Portsmouth for a few drinks. Fun was had by all!! Once home Joe insisted on showing me his new fab Fryer... and made the best fried cheese I've ever had. Glad he invited his downstairs neighbors up for some -- my weight loss was in definite danger!!

Tomorrow I head to Rhode Island, the last stop on the New England Adventure!

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Blogger Melanie J. said...

You blew through Salem without saying hi to Alexa and Peter? Tsk, tsk, tsk...

9:39 AM


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