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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Art Day and Dinner Surprise!

As much as I often find it difficult to rise early in the morning, I do love NYC when it's peaceful and the streets are empty. Today was no exception. I couldn't resist taking this photo - it was so very beautiful in person. So hard to capture that beauty.
While waiting for Dan at the entrance of the Cooper Hewitt - National Design Museum (East 91st and Fifth Avenue) for the start of our Art Day. They are showing "Design Life Now - National Design Triennial 2006" right now.

GREAT!! It shows something for everyone!! It's showing through July 29, 2007. If you're in NYC, do take a swing through. They are also showing "Made to Scale: Staircase Masterpieces" through June 3, 2007. Beautiful model staircases from masters in France. As Dan arrived, Jo and Emanuel called and invited us for dinner!! YUM! We can't resist Jo's cooking or their fun company!!

It took a few hours to wander through the museum. Such interesting things they chose to include in the exhibit. Looking at art makes you HUNGRY! We popped into From here we wandered through some galleries around the east side before cabbing it over the the west side were we wove in and out of galleries all afternoon. Dan brought me to one he'd been to a few weeks prior while I was in NH -- the Sundaram Tagore Gallery -- to see the work they had by the artist shown in the front window. (Yes, I suddenly forget his name!) The work - beautiful!!! Just beautiful! If only I had the $K and tall enough ceilings!

My turn -- I brought him to the Morgan Lehman Gallery (317 10th Avenue between 28/29th streets) to see my friend Darlene's show. I am happy to say that Dan bought a piece of her work titled "Forrest of Indecision" (shown at right.) Yeah! Her show closes near to the end of January. Catch it if you can!!

Darlene will come back to town before her show closes to sign this piece, then it'll be picked up and possibly hung at my house.

I need to frame a whole bunch of pieces... sad to have them in tubes/between cardboard when they should be hung for all to see!!

Before we knew it the day had flown by and it was time for us to dash to my house to get some yarn options for Jo to choose from for her first knitting project ever, and a bottle of wine for dinner!
Although they live on my street, it's a number of long blocks across town, so we hustled the 15 minute walk there to be greeted by yummy smells!! Jo had made Mediterranean Pizzas!! Yum! And like me, olives don't like her (olive oil is OK) so there were none on the pizza! Oh happy day!!!

Dan plans to take a photography course at the ICP in midtown in a few weeks to learn more so he can take some amazing photos on his month-long journey through South Africa that's coming up. I wish I could meet him for part of it, but my schedule is bursting with my own travel plans. More on that later. All I'll say is that this spring I'll be in town for 3 weeks between Feb 1st and May 1st. Phew. Exhausting to think about - so lets not, yet.
Anyway - the boys spent a while exploring Emmanuel's camera that Dan was going to borrow for the class. Dan has a fab new digital camera, but this class would be using REAL FILM. I know, shocking!

After we'd played with cameras, listened to French Pop music while
watching Manu play air guitar... Jo brought out the treats! She's made individual Tiramisu for everyone!!! Otherwise known as YUM!!! She made it the way I apparently like it (I usually find it too liquory.) Jo's...Jo's was VERY VERY GOOD! How am I going to keep my 15lbs (yes, I've now lost 15lbs!!) at bay with such wonderful treats??
I decided to worry about that later and just enjoyed it!! Yummmy!

Before we knew it the Afro-Cuban music has us wiggling in our seats...which soon had Dan and I dancing round the room. Great Music (Orlando Cachaito Lopez) and wonderful company!

Look at that was had by all!

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Blogger Isela: Purling Sprite said...

I love all the pictures from this day, especially the one with him on the phone--it reminds me of looking at the guy you are so in love with and you don't want to miss anything in his life. And the last one--his smile is contagious :).

1:04 PM

Blogger Kimberli said... thoughts exactly.

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