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Sunday, May 01, 2005

In honor of my Spoiled Pals...

PublicHere's a link to 100 things about me that I just wrote up so that you can get a quick round up of who has been sending you things these past few months! Yeah Andrea and Tanya! Your last packages will actually be shipped out tomorrow...I just had to wrap up one last thing. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! This has really been FUN FUN FUN! Thanks for letting me spoil you!

The weekend has been good. Yesterday was busier than planned, but fun busy. Oh, firstly - we DIDN'T get BEard Papa's on Friday night because they CLOSE at 8pm??? So - it's still on my list of to do's before I dash back to China! I did learn to play backgammon though and tasted victory (finally!) at the last game of the night!

Yesterday I lunched with a dear friend who's in the midst of relationship woes. Then went to see The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. It was funny. That followed by dinner at Roponggi (SUSHI!!!!!!!!!) and then dashed to midtown to see the National Comedy Theater. It's competitive improv. Funny. We want to get a gaggle of pals to go - - the more the merrier.

Todays' been loungey and just SLOW...something MUCH NEEDED before tomorrow rears it's ugly head. This week will be a whirlwind...but more on that as it unfolds.
I'm off to bead bead bead - the skirt is coming along nicely. Couching anyone?


Blogger Lauren said...

I am dying to see this skirt!

Good luck this week--I know you have a lot on your plate :)

8:41 PM

Anonymous andrea said...

kimberli! wowwowowowww! i've totally come to your blog before and now i can see the similar writing style, enthusiasm ;), and general happiness that i'd always see in your comments/emails to me as my secret pal!! YOU SOOOO ROCK! as part of my THANK YOU to you i'm going to donate some money to knitters without borders, a charity i see you link to on your blog (something i should've done sooner *anyhow*! ;). you were an awesome secret pal -- but before i take over your whole comment section, i'll write more in an email to you right now!

once again, THANK YOU THANK YOU! you made this experience so great for me and i really really appreciate it. ok, ok, i'll go now -- yay kimberli!

10:29 PM

Anonymous Tanya said...

Kimberli, now I get the MADHATR email handle! And here I thought you were just a big Alice in Wonderland fan like me!

Thank you so much for taking me on late in the SP4 game. You're blog is so full of stuff to read I haven't even begun to tap it yet! I look forward to doing so in the days to come.

I also want to send you a little something for being such a champ at the SP thing - you are awesome, lady!


11:13 AM


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