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Monday, April 18, 2005

Loco on IKEA Chair


This is not only where I wish I was (getting a few more winks), but the perfect photo to share with you of my little (eh right) Loco. I mean...this is a comfy loungey chair and he fairly well takes it over!

Weekend Round-up!

Dmitri on Legal
I know I said I was on my way to Soho... but that would have entailed racing to the train and dashing full-speed back into NYC...and it was my FIRST SUNDAY in MONTHS where I wasn't expected to be anywhere at any time! SO plans changed (because they could!!! Yippee!) I grabbed my knitting and hopped on down to the sunny entry and knit on the matching sock while he went on his maiden voyage for the season.
RAOK stitchmakers from Cindy
Then we popped on over to Legal Seafood for a late brunch under an umbrella on the sidewalk. People are often so surprised to see KIP...why? Yes, I knit while waiting for my meal. What a perfect day!

After Walking all over White Plains, lunching and training it home I was greated by a lovely RAOK from Cindy! 3 fun stitchmarkers on large rings! I didn't have any stitchmarkers that fit large needles! Thanks a BUNCH Cindy!!! She posted a photo of the lot she made! WOW!!! Thanks again for thinking of me!

bread and tulips movie posterIl Postino Movie posterMovie time:
I watched two DVDs this weekend! (Thank you Netflix!)
It was a tribute to film in Italy...
Pane e Tulipani (Bread and Tulips) and Il Postino (The Postman)
I enjoyed them both for very different reasons. Bread and Tulips is fairly new and, of course, Il Postino was nominated aplenty in 1995.

Photo from Newburgh

Here is a promised photo of the view from our walk on Saturday! Just beautiful!!! Stuck between the dreariness of winter and the excitement of spring...a close look shows the Weeping Willows already showing their green! I can't WAIT to see it when all of the different trees are showing their leaves...a view like that always reminds me of a crazy quilt! :-)


Anonymous Siow Chin said...

I love Il Postino, such a sweet movie.

4:56 AM

Blogger um said...

i love all these pictures you share with us. loco looks so comfortable-without-a-care. how i envy that!

have a great day :)

9:06 AM

Anonymous Laura said...

Your cat is so adorable!!

12:41 PM

Anonymous Martha said...

Hi Kimberli,

A fine cat specimen you've got there!

10:49 AM

Blogger Lauren said...

Hi Kimberli! Your cat is too cute... that picture cracks me up :P

Oh, I love foreign films--both of these are in my Netflix cue... need to move them up! :)

Have a good one, dearie!

12:51 PM


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