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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Firstly, yes, I emailed to Interweave.

Secret pal cardI finished the first sock!!! Yippee...but beware - thre is an error in the free pattern on the BETTER-THAN-BOOTIES BABY SOCKS pattern for the Cable Rib version!

Foot: Cont working one cable patt along each side of foot as foll: K11, p1, work 2 sts in cable patt as established, p1, k16, p1, work 2sts in cable patt as establishes, P1, knit to end.

This will give you the purl stitch on either side of the cable that runs down the foot (see photo left) clearly defines your cable.
That gives you 44 sts...without it your cable won't look right and you will only have 43 sts!

And to the question posed to me...nope, not my first sock...but a good beginner sock I think!

Saturday Stampede

Yesterday was FUN FUN FUN!

I got up early and packed up lunch (Friday night I'd cooked up this great tomatoy-shredded chicken stuff that you add cold with avacado, cucumber & cilantro too in a wrap...oh and my mango salsa) and jetted out of town to meet up with a friend in his town. We jetted over to Flying Fingers to get that missing skein of yarn to finish the dress...and yes, I picked up a few more skeins of cotton in BRIGHT FUN COLORS to make baby socks with (since I plan to make 9 many babies on the way!!!)

Then after a quick coffee we drove over Bear Mountain and up to his Mom's house for lunch and a nice long walk in the beautiful weather. (I'll post photos of the scenery when I get to my computer since there's no way to get the photos off of MY camera onto his laptop.) Not thinking that we'd be out that long...DUH...I forgot a hat AND sunscreen...and am now nursing SUNBURNED LIPS! Yes...lips! I ALWAYS put on suncreen -- every morning all year long...well, except yesterday when I skipped putting on any makeup etc. because I was afraid I'd miss my train ...! (Which I DID anyway due to getting stuck behind a trash truck that had a street blocked...but it did enable me to have a wonderful conversaion with the cab driver about food...Indian spices as opposed to Morroccan spices/food...oh, and Greek food!)

I'm about to head home...I've some walking around Soho in my future today! Happy Sunday All!

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Blogger CynCyn said...

Super cute booties! I'll try those sometime as a first sock, b/c socks seem scary. Are there lots of LYS in Manhattan?

2:09 PM

Blogger Gewel said...

I miss SOHO. If you get anywhere near Spring Street Natural, just breathe in the good smells for me. (Gawd, I hope they're still there...)

7:34 PM

Anonymous Eva Shiu said...

The baby sock looks very cute ! Good work !

9:17 PM

Blogger um said...

oh no! sunburned lips! that doesn't sound like fun, although i bet having a few nice cold smoothies would be soothing. that little baby sock is really cute! and hooray for you for spotting an error. hey, i wanted to thank you, too, for the recommendations for yummy asian sweets. my hubby's about to place another order, and i directed him to my comments to see what you recommended! thanks!

have a great week!

9:26 PM

Anonymous Leanne said...

That sock is the cutest thing. It remains to be seen when my LYS will get the Summer mag (I stopped my subscription last issue and now everyone is getting their mags quickly - figures) but you've inspired me to make them no matter what.

8:48 PM

Anonymous joy said...

Good thing you posted the pattern error on the sock because I was considering that as my first sock project. Coincidence or what? The problem is getting to it before the babies all pop out and outgrow them. Gotta knit faster!

11:11 PM


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