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Friday, April 29, 2005

Bring on the Weekend

Public Last night I dashed over to Lord & Taylor after work to be slathered up one side and down the other with products from Chanel's new summer line. My makeup guy there had BEGGED me to come for the, not wanting to leave a fab-u makeup guy in a lurch...I did. I usually HATE these things! But -- the makeup artists that were there giving the facials (they don't call them makeovers) were wonderful. Every woman that I saw walk away looked AMAZING! Not coated, not plastered - but beautiful! It was the first time Publicthat I didn't race for the nearest bathroom to wipe it off...and since I was going out with my friend Morgan (a model) for a show -- I figured - why not keep it on!
I highly reccomend:
Their new eye shadow palette called: Dreams
Lipstick: Yucatan
Lip Gloss: Satinette (it's very sheer not PINK like it looks)
Their sheer foundations and the bronzing powder: Toundra are light and easy to wear.
It is $$ - so I only picked up an item or two...but my makeup stash needs a complete renewal (much of mine is so old I'd probably have a reaction if I used it!) I'll pick some of these up over time I think.
Sadly, Morgan had to cancel at the last minute, but THEN, in a stunning turn of events, Dmitri didn't have to work late after all and came to join me.

Before meeting at the theater, I swung by 42nd Street to see my good friend Jim who is Front-of-house manager for the New Victory Theater (specializing in Children's theater). We stood up on the stairs and looked down upon the Red Carpet opening of Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang. Red Carpet openings on broadway are interesting. There are stars (hollywood) and stars (Broadway) alike that arrive...some you know, some you THINK you know, others you have NO idea who they are. The only person that I saw that made me smile was Millicent Martin (most recently seen as Daphne Moon's mother in Fraiser). Sadly, the paprazzi didn't fawn over her at all, but jumped all over a busty/blonde-pony-tailed/short-dressed young thing (who NONE of us had any idea who she was.) Then just as fast as it began, the doors close, the show starts and the staff wrips up red carpet and voila, things are back to normal.

Musical of musicals castThe show was funny (Cast photo to the left.) If you are familiar with the musicals they spoof you catch more of their subtleties -- but even Dmitri who has not seen many of the shows, he chuckled and even laughed out loud a bit!

Blockheads ClaireKimberli at Blockheads After the show we went to Blockheads (right behind the Dodger Stages) for Mexican Food and $3 frozen Margaritas! I love their collection of whacky sock-toy mascots (check out their website!) This is Claire...she was once a model...a sock model I guess! LOL!
Here we see me (new makeup - now windblown and 4+ hours after the application mind you!) and my raspberry treat! It was JUST what the doctor ordered. Their food it plentiful and tasty! Yum yummy yum!

I spent the BULK of my morning at the Chinese Consulate...waited in this line, then that line...forked over the (gulp) $170 to get my Visa'd-passort back (I had to have it rushed since they aren't open next week) and voila - I'm A-OK to return to China.

Nick or Big Nick'sTonight I'll meet friends out at Big Nick's Pizza and Burger Joint...a New York City Institution! (That's Nick in the photo - left.) It's been open since 1962 -- That's FOREVER in a city where restaurants turn over weekly it seems. The food is GOOD and affordable (not saying it's the healthiest mind you...we're talking Pizza, burgers and fries here although they do have salads etc.!) Kimberli at BlockheadsThen, if I have my way we'll stop across the street at Beard Papa's - fresh'n'natural cream puffs. Ooooooh BABY They are THE BEST (see this great bloggers review here!) YUMMMMMMY! Described as "A Cream Puff To Make New York Go All Soft At the Center" in a NY Times Review last spring. There are 4 locations in NYC -- if you come for a visit -- it's a MUST VISIT for your to-do list!
All this followed by some board gaming at the local dive bar...aptly called Dive 75.
Happy Friday All!


Anonymous joy said...

You look fabulous with the new makeup! I have a hard time imagining a stage version of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. How do they do the flying car bit? *I* would love to see it just so I can sing along to title song. :)

6:59 PM

Anonymous Kathy said...

You look absolutely stunning, dahling :) I could use a Chanel facial myself - it's been entirely too long. I see a trip to Nordstrom in my future....

7:05 PM

Blogger Celia said...

kathy and joy already said what I was going to say about your new makeup. You certainly do lead a full life, Kimberli, with so much theater! Taking full advantage of living in New York. Good for you!

9:05 PM

Anonymous Dani said...

WHOA! You look drop dead GORGEOUS!!!That makeup job makes your eyes just SCREAM for attention! It's nice to see the outer package is just as beautiful as the inside (what can I tell ya, your blog writing paints a great picture of who YOU are)

Happy you had a good time! Enjoy your weekend!

10:28 PM

Blogger JinxedMinx said...

You look beautiful, Kimberli! You know, I gotta wonder how you fit time for the little things like sleeping and knitting into your day - you are crazy with the busy, lady!!

8:00 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

aw love that pic! hairbands and cocktails ohmy;)

1:51 PM


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