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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Can't we all use a Quickie?

Today was damned looong (was out late last night and up super early for another funeral (1.5 hours from here)...and I've a TON to do before my College Sidekick rolls into town here's a quickie list to catch you all up!

Public1. For Lolly (and anyone else who cares)in answer to your question if the play is related to the book of the same title: "The journalist Geraldine Brooks unearthed the hadith while seeking a title for her 1995 book about the daily lives of Muslim women, and was stunned to learn recently that Ms. Raffo had co-opted it for the play. (The play takes nothing else from the book.) But when Ms. Brooks read the play, she was so impressed by the material that her initial dismay melted away, she said. "It is resonant," she wrote in an e-mail message. "It unpeels layer upon layer of the characters' Publiclives, never reaching for the easy or simple assumptions about who or what is to blame for their predicaments."" I cut this directly from the NY Times feature article posted on the theater's website (see the link to the theater listed in next point.) The reviews of Ms. Brook's book are most-often scathing...she seems to have either offended or just plain-ole ticked off a number of folks! Do let me know what you think of the book!

If you go to see 9 Parts of Desire check out Cendrillon (212.343.9012)Southeast Asian (including the Philippines); 45 Mercer (btw. Broome and Grand) located 2 doors down from the Manhattan Ensemble Theater. To the left we see Dmitri enjoying Chicken Adobo and that's my pot-o-black rice with seafood.

3. If you are in NYC and want a YUMMY MEAL...check out PUBLIC...ate there last night! We had Kangaroo, snail & Wild Boar ravioli, duck, snapper, venison (the best I've ever tasted!) and a YUMMY WINE:
2004 Sauvignon Blanc - Martinborough
Te Muna Road Vineyard
Craggy Range - New Zealand

4. In honor of the casho-la that I forked out today at the Notions/thread/oooh - look-at-that sale at JoAnn's today (since I was in the burbs and there was a sale...),
I signed up for: Back-Tack

BEWARE - Sign up ends TOMORROW (April 24th, Midnight in your own timezone!) Go - run & sign-up - it'll be fun!

5. Justine --- got your meme...I haven't gotten it before...I'll get to it soon (by Wednesday hopefully!)

6. Assistant update...interviews continue.

7. I'll be away from email (yeah!) and having fun until Monday/Tuesday... see you then!

I'm off --- I've "I can't believe you were gone all day and that you can't make that water falling from the sky stop so that I can go outside and not get wet" Kitty - HOWLING at me!
ciao ciao!


Anonymous Kathy said...

I've had that book in my "to read" pile for a while now and just haven't gotten to it. Now I shall make a point of it!

And that pic of Public...what's that in the background? Looks like a Chinese Apothacary chest...or maybe my eyes are automatically drawn to things resembling card catalogs.... :)

8:42 AM

Blogger mf said...

I'll have to remember these restaurants next time I'm visiting NYC.. I used to goto the Americana which wasn't to bad and some great bakery down around first or second avenue was a particular favorite. (one of me bestest friend's live a the Z towers
Please email me for directions the the LYS that you'd like to visit. One's downtown Plymouth and the other is in Middleboro both on the south shore

10:24 AM

Blogger mrspilkington said...

your life really needs to be a TV much glamour, gogo, and gusto! i love it.

7:37 PM


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