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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Knitty and the Kitty!

Ruffle Ribs start I finished the pair of sage green cotton socks and have begun another pair from the same set of patterns from Interweave (online free pattern.) This one, the Ruffle Ribs...I've needed to adjust a little to accomidate the fact that I'm using cotton yarn (little give) for the wool yarn that the pattern is made for. Thus --- I frogged the 1 x 1 rib and am simply doing it in stockinette. Otherwise it looked all too loosey-goosey. I did keep the "ruffley bits" and eyelet at the top.

Pttern: Better-Than-Booties Baby Socks, Ruffle Ribs (clicking on link brings up the free PDF pattern.)
Yarn: Mandarin Petite (from Norway)
Color: 5200 4125
Content: 100% Egyptian Cotton
Bought at: Flying Fingers store

Kim and MorganMr. KingSpent last night with my good friend Morgan, breaking in her new apartment which is in my neighborhood! LOVE THAT! Her kitty, Mr. King -- curled up and is now very comfy in their new digs for a belly scratching session! He fell asleep with his head and paw on my lap as I worked on the Ruffle Ribs. :-) julius ceasar playbill photo(Yes, those are my hot pink trousers...I just CAN'T seem to be in all black! I know, I know, BAD New Yorker!)

Heading off to Jewel of India and a show....Julius Caesar (with Denzel Washington as Brutus) with friends. We bought tickets what seems like a dogs year ago! Yeah!!!

I'll report tomorrow!


Blogger J. said...

THere is plenty of room on my wall, jackie is banging too. it's a sad sad week in the Catholic world. On brigther note you look like your hving fun, Denzel as Brutus, very cool, I really like him. I have only been to broadway once but I think that would be one of the fun part of living there.

6:51 PM

Blogger Lauren said...

That Norwegian yarn is beautiful--love the colors in it!

Can't wait to hear about the play--that sounds so cool!

9:45 AM

Blogger Judy said...

Thanks, Kimberli! My e-mail address is:

2:05 PM


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