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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

A moment of blog...

I thought I'd drop a note before jetting home! Phew - been a busy few days with my friend Jan visiting. I had orginally hoped to take the off during her visit, but with my Asst having left, I really needed to work them.

We had a fun weekend!
Firstly -- DO NOT BOTHER SEEING: Orgasms - the show. It's so bad that I won't even give it a link nor a photo. Bad...and I got the tickets for $3 each (down from $45!)...and I still would rather have had coffee! It DID,however, make me feel happy that my relationship is not like that of the those with the "average" male in the show...what an awful thought.
Dinner at AlmaBlu afterwards was tasty though!

PublicPlay time!
Tomorrow night I go to see The False Servant. (Sorry - this is the only photo I can seem to find! Marth Plimpton was just nominated for a DRAMA LEAGUE DISTINGUISHED PERFORMANCE AWARD for her role in this!
It's described as a "sly 18th Century romp"...I'm up for that! LOL! Two of my girlfriends that I haven't been able to meet up with in a while will be joining me! FUN FUN FUN!

Can anyone out there pass along the script for a "WIP" (work in progress) chart for my sidebar? I've seen the one with the cute hat, glove, sweater, bag etc cutouts and the ones with the bars...HELP! (Thanks!)

The UFOs are taking over my apartment!
As for projects... I've got TOO MANY!
Reading: STIFF (enjoying it too!)
Knitting: Petite Chic (got the needed yarn to finish), baby socks (on the second of 9 pairs needed), fingerless gloves (they're 3/4 done...yes -- from MONTHS AGO!)
Beading: 2 skirts that I made from fabric that i bought in the market in China.
SP4: Making/Packing the final Secret Pal package!

Oh I could go on and on!!
I should go...gotta get home and grill up dinner!


Anonymous Dani said...

Why is it being the 1st commenter gives such giddy pleasure? LOL

For the bars, check out Anna Knits I know i've seen others but can't remember where I bookmarked it (note to self, import the rest of my bookmarks to this weekend!)

Glad to have you back! How's the ass't search going?

9:59 PM

Blogger Catherine Kerth said...

thanks for the tip about the show! gees couldn't you leave without being noticed? i am tempted to send you 3dollars to get you that coffee:)

10:41 PM

Blogger Delia said...

I gave up on counting my WIPs... I chalk it up to the need for variety in my life.

Thanks for the tips on the shoes, BTW. I need someone like you in my ear when I walk through Nordstroms...

12:48 PM

Blogger JinxedMinx said...

Here's a cute lil' image based WIP tracker - - although, are you saying you've seen this and the bar version and want something totally different? If so - appy polly loggies for posting what you DON'T want! :D

That play sounds really interesting. Let us know how it was!

6:39 PM

Blogger Lauren said...

Ah, my WIPs are beyond number... don't let it get to you :)

Hope all is well, Kimberli!

8:18 PM

Anonymous laura said...

Hey there!
I make my own bars using this site:

I really like it b/c you can use it for more than just percentage bars. You can see what I mean on my blog.

Hope that helps!

3:02 AM


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