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Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Today is my first day in the office in nearly a month---which means boxes and piles of things that need my attention "RIGHT NOW" are covering my desk.

Secret pal cardOn the very very - OMG have I finally reached the bottom - BOTTOM was the much anticipated package from my Secret Pal that had arrived the day AFTER I left on my world wind tour.

Scarf Style bookDrumroll PUH-LEASE...
She sent this GREAT CARD (who knew there were Secret Pal CARDS out there?)and...she sent my THE BOOK...the book I have had in my "I WANT" listing in my sidebar for months!!! YEAH! YIPPEE!!!

Niece opening box It's a Wellie Thing
How do I love my niece...let me count the ways...
Niece opening boxShe knows that you are supposed to tear the paper to get to the gift (none of this saving the paper stuff here!) Although she tears each piece off and hands it to you as not to make a mess (did not get that from my gene pool!) She's ALREADY a shoe-a-holic at age 2...largely prompted by yours truely. After she opened the pink wellies she danced around and had to go NOW to get dressed so she could try the on. As you can see here...she was very happy to show off her new shoes. :-) Niece opening boxLater on in the day when the guests arrived, there were more presents to be opened...and of course...the hit of the moment? Learning how to pop the bubbles on bubble wrap! :-) Niece opening boxIt took a few moments of assisted popping before she pushed my hand out of the way and she was off on a popping rampage! YEAH! Finally it was time for the cake...and who doesn't like CAKE? She puckered up and blew...isn't she just adorable? The party was a success and fun was had by all!
Now I just have to secure the last ball of yarn (again) for her dress. That's tomorrow's job.


Blogger JinxedMinx said...

I love love love that book. Love. Love. And I'm not that big a fan of knitting scarves. But that book...LOVE. Yay!

I didn't know there were Secret Pal cards either. Thats so cool! :)

4:56 PM

Blogger J. said...

She is so cute, I want so pink boots too. Glad you made it back to teh office in one piece, how goes the asst. search?

7:16 PM

Anonymous Laura said...

She is so adorable!
PS-I finally have a blog for my NICU Charity project. It's now called The Preemie Project and for future reference here is the website:

1:45 AM

Blogger Lauren said...

Speaking of people who rock: I got those GREAT package from Hong Kong today with some awesome yarn! Whoever sent that to me most definitely ROCKS!!

Thanks SO much--you really brightened my day!

9:56 AM

Blogger opportunityknits said...

Your niece is a sweetie! and those boots are so cute too. I've been hunting bookshops for that book too, but no luck yet. All the more fun when I finally lay my hands on it! Keep in touch and let's see if we get to meet up in May!

9:19 PM

Blogger CynCyn said...

You've got the CUTEST niece!! Scarfstyle has been great helping me learn how to be a better knitter... and they're all so beautiful.

By the way, pics of a finished clap will be coming soon... (by the end of next week at the very latest).

10:52 PM

Blogger cmeknit said...

thank you for the wonderful comment on my first adult sweater! You will love scarfstyle book your sp sent...I have done about 4 different scarves from the book. Challenging and skill improving!

11:07 AM

Blogger Agnes said...

That little girl is a cutie hottie! She is so lovely!

12:46 PM


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