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Tuesday, March 29, 2005


A-Team PosterAnd what plan is this you ask?
No, it's not me trying to incorporate as many 80s TV shows and music lyrics into my music as I can...but nice try. First I'll tell you some things about my day... (oooh the suspense is killing you I can just tell.)
One of the things that you get used to when workin gin factories in China is the sudden and completely RANDOM lack of electricty that just happens. It happens all the time. The local gov't decides not to supply power and voila - they turn it off. This factory has a "sort of" arrangement with the gov't that the factory will provide electricity with their own generator on certain days - but this was NOT one of those days. As we sat to eat lunch...the power went out. That's why I said it's a "sort of" arrangement...because the gov't sometimes cheats on the schedule and throws a few extra days in. They started the generator (took about an hour+) and they have enough petrol for the nex 10 hours then they will shut it all down (even the dorms where everyone lives will suddenly have no power.) They have sent their gas truck for more petrol for the generator...but it's a 12 hours round trip including the fillup. This trip happens 1x per week or more, crazy eh?

And American's bitch about paying over $2 for a gallon of gas for their cars --- let alone for electricty to boot!

So I'm back to work and all's cruisin' along...

The local tailor came by and I gave him some fabrics for skirts and shirts (I brought a simple skirt and a simple shirt that fits me...and he can gopy them easily.) I can't wait for them! I plan to bead and sequin parts of the know - the FUN STUFF!

Then I have a conference call (5am NY time) with my boss & partner in crime, because a bunch of my arranged-over-a-month-ago meetings have suddenly been changed (by them not me...) and we had to do some hefty skootchin' around to fit in MY FUN AFTERNOON in HONG KONG!
old fabrics building
Yes ladies and gents, cats and dogs, boyfriends and husbands --- I get to see the Hong Kong Knitting Gals again! YIPPPEEEE!

Details so far: Marjorie and Eva are IN!!! and (drumroll please...) the invitation to hang with knitters in Hong Kong got Justine to thinking -- and she moved her flight ahead a day and will now be in Hong Kong to join in the FUN!

Current count - 4
Hopeful count - 5

Ms. Siow Chin (of the famed Little Purl of the Orient) is trying to work out her schedule (since it is the begining of the Tomb Sweeping holiday) so that she can join us. Keep those needles crossed ladies! I missed her on the last trip and hope NOT to have a repeat of that!

So - I've got a WHOLE 3.5 hours free for yarn shopping, coffee?, Knitting in Public, chatting ans general knitting mayhem. Looking forward to packing as much as I can into that time!!!
I then will dash to drink and dinner for work - - not a bad thing mind you as these folks are AWSOME TOO!

OK OK - must get back to work!!!
I'm thinking about some contest ideas... (the rusty wheels are turning!)
So check back -- I'm hoping to post one up in a week or less...


Anonymous sarahb said...

Wow! Sounds like an exciting trip. I just found Eva's website yesterday, and I really enjoyed it. I hope that you have a wonderful visit. Best, sarahb

9:38 AM

Blogger Lauren said...

Random blackouts? that is annoying!

Hope you have a great knit up with the girls... that is so cool that you can go over there and meet up with them. I am a little green with envy :P

Contest ideas--that sounds fun!

Hope all is well, Kimberli :)

10:05 AM


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