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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Yeah! My evening free in Hong Kong was GREAT!
I got to spend it with three lovely knitting gals of Hong Kong and a lovely Canadian addition by way of Taiwan! :-)

old fabrics building

From Left to Right:
Siow Chin (and her youngest), Eva, me, Justine and Marjorie. We're pictured in the Cheer Wool Company -- a great store on Hong Kong Island!

Marjorie and I met Justine at the Causeway Bay MTR (subway) station and set out on our LYS tour with Marjorie as our able guide! We first stopped at a shop who's name I never caught - the kind of place you'd never find as it's tucked in the middle of a building on the 2nd or 3rd floor. Glad Marjorie was able to take us there!

old fabrics buildingI bought some RAOK yarn which is now winging it's way to the US...for who? I'm not tellin'! But I'll show you it! I HAD to buy it -- for the wrapper ALONE! It's Japanese yarn - 100% wool - and hopefully feltable...I can picture it's recipient felting up a nice bag with it! It's called James Dean "Road". They had various types all with his name...James Dean "Voice", etc.

old fabrics buildingI got some lovely yarn for a scarf for me...thinking the Ruffled Scarf (#36) in the current issue of VOGUEknitting International. It's Japanese yarn marked "Fascinating...knitting yarn."
They also had: Fascinating...for men, Fascinating...for mufflers, etc. very funny!

old fabrics buildingold fabrics buildingAfter this store, we headed to Cheer Wool Company to meet up with Siow Chin and Eva.
This is where we "hit the jackpot" our stashes! To the left you see me and my stash bag and to the right Justine and hers! I mailed most of mine out! Who doesn't like a package from overseas?
One thing that I like about the yarn shops that I've visited in Asia...they keep the yarn in the bags.

1. It's cleaner.
2. Dye lots are kept together.
3. It doesn't topple down on you when you pull one color out! :-)

Most shops let you pull down the bags and carefully open them to touch the yarn, but a few like to help you. The staff in this shop was eager to assist, but didn't mind if we did it ourselves! :-) Having been there in January...the ladies said they remembered me (not sure how many caucasian red-heads that get in there!) Just a lovely lovely shop!

old fabrics buildingold fabrics building I did a wee little bit of stash enhancement here too...
The Green is for baby socks (I've a ton to knit up for babies on the way in my life!) The Pink I think I'll use for the Lace Leaf Scarf (#35) in the current issue of VOGUEknitting International.

There are two other yarns that I bought...but they are in the depths of my suitcase and won't be disturbed until I get home!

old fabrics buildingFrom there we went to a coffee shop nearby. Justine and I knit a bit while we all talked. Justine gave us each a great Chinese Zodiac Stitchmarker! She didn't happen to have my Zodiac sign, so I chose the Rooster -- since I'm meeting her in the year of the Rooster! :-)
Cute, isn't it??? We also got to meet James, Eva's boyfriend. Nice guy!!

Eva and Siow Chin had to go, so the 3 of us that were left went back to Causeway Bay, to the Times Square area for dinner. A GREAT no MSG Chinese restaurant!! Great food! Drunken Shrimp, a whole steamed Grouper and some chicken and veggie dishes. YUMMY! Thanks Marjorie!!! YUMMMY!

It was a great evening!
Justine also gave me information on where to find the LYS's in Taipei, next stop!
Tomorrow I'll visit the fortune teller. It's been 5 years since I went! More then!


Blogger Celia said...

Wow! Sounds like an evening just packed with fun. And Japanese brand names for yarn ("James Dean" and "Fascinating")are just as entertaining as other products I've seen. What a great way to see a city - through the yarn shops!

3:41 PM

Blogger mrspilkington said...

i'm really enjoying your travelogue...i'm so jealous of your meetup with siow chin! :-) keep having a great time!

7:42 PM

Blogger eyeleen said...

That yarn shop looks fabulous!

10:59 PM

Blogger illanna said...

Hello! I have been reading your blog through RAOK and I am SO jealous that you get to go yarn shopping in Hong Kong! I wanted to e-mail you but I couldn't find your addy on the site- PLEASE bring something back for me? I will pay you/ send you yarn/ do anything you ask! I can't wait to read more about your travels.

1:53 AM

Blogger Jacqueline said...

kind of weird to see Justine for the first time (a fellow torontian) through a New Yorker's blog in HK.

God bless the WWW.

8:16 AM

Anonymous joy said...

Hi Kimberli,

I'm FROM HK and I've never gone to Cheer wool! That's going to change very soon. :) Glad you had a great time! Maybe we'll meet the next time you come to HK.

7:20 PM

Blogger Gewel said...

I'm drooling with envy. That store looks fabulous, and it looks as if you guys had a great time. yay!

9:30 AM

Anonymous Jess said...

What a fun shopping trip. I must say it was funny to see Justine in your photo - we haven't 'really' met, but we did a swap earlier in the year: I sent her sweets, and she sent me some stitch markers. I've got a rooster one too!

Love the 'James Dean' yarn labels!

Obviously Loco has allowed you to leave the house and get to work!


6:39 AM


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