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Monday, April 04, 2005

Gonna Take a Sentimental Journey
Fortune Telling in HK

If you are in Hong Kong, head to Wan Chai and be sure to visit the temple just at the top of the steps from the Wan Chei MTR station. It's breathtaking.

totem at Tao temple
This is the entrance to the temple that is closest to to the MTR. Not the direct entrance to the grounds, but the entrance to the actual temple. A pair of very beautiful Totems protects this entrance.

old fabrics building This (right) is one of the entrances to the actual Temple area. I chose not to take any photos of the actual temple area. I could have, but there were so many people there. Tomorrow is a national holiday, Tomb Sweeping Day, on which you pay respect and honor to your ancestors. It seemed that there were many people at the temple lighting the incense and doing prayers and prostrations while placing offereings of food to their ancestors. I didn't want to intrude on this with my camera.

Female Fu DogMale Fu Dog The other entrance to the temple is guarded by a pair of Fu Dogs. To the left you see the Female...she's got a child under her paw showing that she is in charge of the family. To the right you see the Male, who has the world under his paw...showing that he is in charge of the world.
Aside: I was in a store in China and was looking for a set of Fu Dogs to give as a gift. There were only Male Fu Dogs? When I asked for a pair, nobody working there knew that there was a Male and Female Fu Dog...apparently they'd mistakenly sold all of the Females.

fortune buildingfortune envelopeAfter walking thru the temple, we went to the building at the edge of the temple grounds. It houses a two floors containing around 150 individual stalls of fortune tellers. You bring your Birth date, and they read your face and hands (in exchange for about 500 HK$.) Some speak English...mine did...and I wrote down her predictions/suggestions. They are given to you folded up in either a gold or red envelope. It was interesting to hear some of the same (odd) information that the fortune teller of 5 years ago had said.
I'll just say that if she's right, I'll live a mostly happy life.

If you're in Hong Kong -- go to see the Fortune's a lot of fun!


Blogger Diane said...

Your trip looks like so much fun! I love exploring other cultures. How lucky you are to have the opportunity to do so while working/getting paid. Yarn shopping looked like a blast too!

10:59 PM

Blogger Lauren said...

Hey sweet Kimberli! I am so far behind on my friend's blogs, but now I finally got the chance to come over and see yours! :) These pictures are amazing. Funny about the male Fu Dogs... guess you can't really look "under their skirt" haha

Hope all is well!

2:37 PM

Blogger um said...

hi! these are all such fun posts to read. thanks for sharing all of your great adventures with us! and welcome to the raok ring! hope you have tons of fun! it sure is a blast :)

take care!

4:36 PM


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