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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Getting ready for SEX in Hong Kong...
(Stash Enhancement eXpedition)

Tomorrow's the day!!! Yippee! I'll get to head BACK to Cheer Wool Co. as well as checking out yet a NEW store...
Time for "touching"...mmmmm all of those yummy spring yarns should be out...silks...oooooooh.
Best of all I'll get to see the Hong Knitting Gals and meet two new ones! YIPPEE!!!!!

FINAL COUNT...5 - - YEAH -- Siow Chin of Little Purl of the Orient will be able to join in on the fun after all!!! And Justine is flying in a day early from Taiwan for this fun!

OK OK I'm off to dinner here in HK, Sat night...I'll write more later!

Posted later...
It's now nearly 1am in the morning SUNDAY and I just got back to the hotel from dinner with a client. I was supposed to call Marjorie to work out the where's and when's for tomorrow - but couldn't get away to make the call at a reasonable hour! I have to email Justine with the info in the a.m. before she goes to the airport... so I texted Marjorie --- I hope she gets it -- otherwise I'll call her @ 9am...that's not too early is it? Off to bed I go -- I've a meeting in 7 hours. OY!


Blogger Wendy G said...

Welcome to the RAOK ring. Have a good trip in HK.

8:06 AM

Anonymous Eva Shiu said...

See you tomorrow ! Remember to bring a big bag for the new yarns !

10:08 AM

Anonymous Andrea said...

I think I'll have to live "life in the big city" vicariously through you. What DO you do?

1:53 PM

Blogger Catherine Kerth said...

Thnaks for the post:) Man your lucky to go check out some yarns overseas, have a great time fellow raok newbie!

2:08 PM

Blogger NKTN said...

Hi Kimberli~ is the source for the Koigu I ordered!

Have a great trip!

Noreen, RAOK

9:58 PM


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