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Friday, April 01, 2005

today and today ONLY!

No JOKE...Nope - it won't cost you a cent - just a click and a comment...A touching story from a family in California and a click for a cure!
They raised $3000 in January from a comment-a-thon!

I know, I know -- this LOOKS like a repeat post -- it mostly is - but it's important!

See this BIG BUTTON above? Yep - I enlarged it in hopes that you won't miss it!
What's is all about? Click on the button or keep reading!

**Note...I plainly stole this description word for word from Justine at Adventures in Asia.
Stop by and check her site out!

"There is something you can do this week, on April 1st a blog I read is having a comment-a-thon to raise money for breast cancer research. All you have to do is go to and leave a comment. People have donated money for the comments and the more comments the more money raised. The author of the blog lost his wife to cancer a year ago and he is doing this in her memory. It's a great cause and it will only take a minute but you have to wait until the 1st for the comment to count in the fundraiser."

You KNOW you have time for ONE MORE CLICK! the big ole button above!!!

It's been a loooong haul here in China...I'm on the home stretch of my work here...tomorrow I dash to Hong Kong for more more MORE!
The Weekend's ALMOST HERE!


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