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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Cooking up to be a GREAT DAY!


1. Got a call from the BF - YEAH - this 13 hour time difference makes it a complete pain in the neck to get ahold of people back home! If you've a second, drop a comment on his blog...he's a wee bit knitting discouraged and could use a little Cheering from the Stands (to make it as close to baseball as I can for my BF.) He has chosen to do a pattern of his own design for his second project...and..well...go on over and read it.

2. The humidity that we've been having here in China swept out of here yesterday (early this morning to be more correct) and has brought lovely cool, spring air behind it!

3. I got interviewed by SP4 Maven Jacqueline - click here to see the fun!

Frozen dumplings4. Jessie, one of the team members on my account here in China, brought a Ga-Zillion homemade dumplings - made by her MOTHER!!! - for lunch today. It took her Mother 1/2 day to make these!
To the left we see the BOTTOM LAYER of frozen dumplings (the entire 16" x 12" x 5" box had been stuffed!!)

pan frying dumplingsTo the lower right we see how they are cooking them up in a lovely electric skillet. Of COURSE, you can't just have them ONE WAY...NOPE! You can pan fry them or STEAM them or BOIL them in soup like Mag is showing us to the left! Voila - an ridiculous (Note: that's not a complaint mind you) amount of food! (See photo right.) This photo isn't QUITE accurate...their was one too many plates set AND two too few plates of dumplings on the table!!!

MAg with soupdumplings lunchAfter all was said and done...we didn't touch ANY of the non-dumpling related they were packed up to be reheated for dinner...I convinced my team here ages ago that I, like them, didn't belive in wasting food, and leftovers were just fine with me.
It actually makes me feel a bit more at home. :-)

5. I'm cranking through designs today...not sure what the kick in the pants was...perhaps it was the call on my mobile phone that woke me at 4am? Asking me for a date to have the repair guys back in NYC come fix my fridge? I'm sure you can imagine the tone of the conversation as I'm trying to understand why they want to come to my hotel and check my fridge...I mean it's 4am! Finally I woke up enough to catch on and the woman felt so bad when I told her she'd caught me in 4am. It's OK though -- my fridge and ICE MAKER will be fixed on April 12th! YIPPEE. Nah...I think the kick in the pants was the call from my BF. Although I do have fun while I'm here, I need to get everything done so that I don't have to return a week after I'm home!

6. The new Interweave Knits 2005 Summer Preview is out -- go here!
I want to knit this sketchbook cover... and this Isis Wrap...and a TON of these Better-than-bootie-baby-socks (I have 7 new babies in my life on the way!!)
and...and...and...there are so many cute things coming in this issue!
(Let's see what gets weeded out by larger pictures!)

Back to work I go!


Blogger mrspilkington said...

wow, i must have some dumplings NOW! thanks for the breast cancer comment-a-thon link in your last post; i'll pass it on.

4AM - Yikes!

12:33 PM

Blogger ErLeCa said...

I only have a semi-related comment here. Is the food in China not to die for? I went to Hong Kong and a couple of mainland cities when I was in high school and I just remember the food was amazing! Hope you're enjoying it over there, if you do have to work!

3:39 PM

Blogger J. said...

okay not that I would know this personally as I don't eat flour ( i have cheated and had some thugh) but there are dumplings here that are to die for.... don't know how to spell it, (I could get out my Lonely Planet but am to lazy) Dintangfeng on Hsin Yi Road. it is one of the bet places in the city. BTW when are you in Taipei until?

6:12 PM

Anonymous Eva Shiu said...

Hi ! I just go to your BF's blog and leave some words. How did you convince him to knit and even set up a blog ? I hope my BF can knit a bit too.

I love dumplings too ! Next time, I will bring to you to a dumpling restaurant in HK which has over 20 different styles. I guess you will enjoy it !

8:51 PM

Blogger Kimberli said...

Din Tai Fun is my FAVORITE dumlpling house so far! I will be stopping there on my trip to Taipei!

Their "soup dumplings" iserved in steamer trays of 10...I can (and have) eatten 2 in a sitting --- rolling myself out the door with a big smile...knowing it'll have to hold me over for months!

I'm in Taipei until Friday, April 8th.

Of course...I'm willing to try many other dumpling houses to see if they can be beat!

10:05 PM

Blogger Kimberli said...

Erleca --- The food here ROCKS!

Eva --- I'm up for dumplings any time! :-)

10:06 PM


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