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Sunday, March 27, 2005

I've fixed my Link Error and the link to Naive Knitting on my Peeps Topiary entry from March 24th now bring you to her lovely directions to make your own rather than to a larger photo of said topiary.

My friend Alex popped onto IM to wish me a Happy Easter and told me that he was planing to spend some time tonight exploding his remaining Peeps in the microwave. COOL! I never would have thought of that -- watching them puff-up all distorted until SPLAT! Yep...that inner child still rules me sometimes!

For more Peeps info - including Fan club info go to their official website!


Blogger J. said...

Sad, I won't be in Hong Kong until Monday, late in the day but I am there all week, well until Friday. Are you working there? Or just there to get a flight back to the US?

Yep the MSG allergy sucks... I have the same issue and Taipei is a killer for it. Enjoy your travels.


7:28 AM


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