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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

What a whirlwind week...end!
It seems the long catch-up blog is going around (see Lolly's). Today's my first day in let's roll back to Friday, March 18th and catch up, shall we?

Mad as a Hatter
Friday I hopped an early train to Philly and had a great time doing my Trunk Show at Strawbridge's Department Store. Such fun!
When looking for ladies having fun, head to your nearest hat department. I always love the looks on peoples faces when they try on a hat. Especially the fancy millinery hats. It's as though they transport themselves into a new suit/dress and to an amazing party...all by simply donning a hat!
After the show, I hopped a return train to NYC and dashed home to pack for the weekend!

Weekend Hooplah!
sweetie in new jacketsweetie in new jacket
I took Dmitri to The Bernards Inn in Bernardsville, NJ for a 2-night (Sat-Mon) getaway for his birthday!
It was GREAT! Once again...I reccomend you all to look at the LuxuryLink auctions for luxury vacation (or in my case so far - weekend) packages!
I'll do a post about the meal and the wine (we had the 6-course tasting menu - OMG!!!) when I return to the states in 3 weeks...why wait? Because I left my notes on my bedside table! Hmph. But you do see a photo of Dmitri in his new blazer all decked out for his birthday dinner (that's his dessert platter in front of him!)
sweetie in new jacketBesides eatting & drinking amazing things...we shopped - went to one yarn shop (new to us) The Knitting Basket near the Delaware Water Gap. It was the ONLY ONE on the list of 8 (carefully researched by my dear BF) that wasn't closed on Sunday AND Monday! It was a nice, small shop - - but beware - the sign is small and if it's raining, you're likely to drive right past. I splurged on 2 Rowan books, the new Vogue Knitting International and some Artful Yarns "Candy" in two colorways. (More on that later!) Treated Dmitri to a Chantico (see photo)...a new evil chocolate concoction from Starbucks. Then we dashed to see a matinee (only $7.00pp WOW!) of Be Cool. It was OK. It's a rental.
It was a lovely slow and easy weekend!
sweetie in new jacket
Then we dashed back to NYC Monday so that I could further clean and pack for my trip. Dmitri jumped in to help and vaccumed a cat's worth of hair up! (How does one cat shed so fast??) Here see said cat, Loco, showing his appreciation for Dmitri's hard work!
His help enabled us to have time to head to midtown to go to Carolines...

Laughing the Night Away
Robots Movie PosterMy friend Kerry had invited us to join her at Caroline's (Comedy Club) (50th & Broadway) to see an old roommate of her's, Reeny McGuinness, do her thang on Monday night. Thankfully she was quite funny! She was one of the few that had both the men and women laughing! If you hear of her playing a comedy club near you, go see her!
There were about 8 folks that each did an act - about 65% were funny -- 3 were painfully awful!

Take Off - Knitting time
Arriving at the airport I'm greeted by around 75 running, jumping, squeeking pre-teens who will all be on my flight - in my coach cabin to Asia. Yippee!
sweetie in new jacketSo I was more than happy when I was authorized to take the airlines deal of a cheap upgrade to Business class. (The flight was very overbooked!)
What's a girl to do? Knit more!
I'd packed the dress I'm knitting for my niece (see last weeks entry below) as well as a few other projects (to get my mind off the mind-numbing stockinette section of the dress) projects into the bag!
So on the flight I started in on the Lace Wrap Pattern (#13) from Spring/Summer 2005 Vogue Knitting International.
Yarn: Italian made, Artful Yarns - Candy
Content: 64% Cotton, 32% Acrylic, 3% Nylon, 1% elastic
Color: 9359 (lot 81) in blue/turq/green/white
(Machine wash delicate cycle.)
sweetie in new jacket
Close-up of the color!

The photo here shows about 1.5 balls -- project should be 3 balls. It's to match my new yummy Turquoise trench coat for spring.
It was just what I needed for the 18 hours of actual flying time. (The direct flights were I had to layover for 2 hours in Tokyo.) I arrived at my hotel in China around 1am this morning (noon NYC time.)

Back to Asia again!
So that brings me to today and work. It's good to be here to get things done - and there are many things to be done! Thankfully I have the car rides (at night when it's too dark to knit) where I can email myself the text for my blog...otherwise I fear that I wouldn't get any blogging done on this trip!


Blogger Lauren said...

Oh man, I wanted to fit in your suitcase (yeah, right) but wow, I would love to go to China :)

Sounds like a wonderful weekend with Dmitri (qt, btw!) and beautiful knits you are working on. Love the Artyarns!

Have a great time over there, and I can't wait to see your entries about it!


8:00 AM

Blogger Zarzuela said...

Wow! That was some couple of days and now you end up in China?! Can we trade lives?! ;) Hope you have a great time. The new yarn looks lovely!


9:23 AM

Blogger Dmitri said...

Thanks for the lovely weekend, sweetie. I love how the desert picture came out! For anyone who's curious, from upper right hand corner, in clock-wise order, the deserts were: mini apple tart, mini creme brulee, chocolate souffle, a scoop of what tasted like creme brulee ice-cream (frozen custard possibly?), and a strawberry. The tasting menu was fantastic as was the wine.

The wrap looks good so far. I'm psyched to see it with your jacket.

9:40 AM

Blogger um said...

hi kimberli! i hope you're having a great time on your trip. sounds like you had a wonderful weekend with your sweetie. how fun! i hope your survived the pre-teen flight!

take care :)

4:55 PM

Anonymous Karen said...

I <3 China! Been there twice and would love to visit again!

8:27 AM


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