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Monday, March 14, 2005

Monday Monday (do do-o, do-do-do-o do)

Robots Movie Poster
What a whirlwind weekend! I returned from my big-ole-meeting around noon on Saturday and took too much time to nap. But - it was needed. Dmitri and I went checked out the Patsy's Pizza on the West Side (74th & Colunbus Avenue)...oooh yummy! Again (as I've said before) the perfect meal - their pepperoni pizza (the little spicy pepperonis!) and their Insalata Mista. Perfecto! From there we went to see Robots at the IMAX theatre. It was cute...very cute in fact...but I'm disagreeing with critics - I think The Incredibles
is still better! Robots does send a good message of following your dreams.

DJ & Kim @ Gustavino'sSunday was spent enjoying the lovely weather...walking thru Manhattan and doing a little shopping for organizational things. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Then we changed up and dashed to meet DeJay, Matt and a co-worker (fresh off a flight from the UK) Dave for drinks then dinner.
Drinks...Gustavino's - they make a MEAN Appletini!
DJ & Kim @ Gustavino'sDinner to follow at Casa la Femme North (used to be in Soho but moved to 1076 First Ave. at 59th Street when they lost their lease downtown.) It was yummy & fun! Dave had requested a non-touristy night in NYC before hunkering down to work on Monday...and since this was his second visit to NYC -- last one being too many years ago to embarrass him with...I think we did just fine! The bellydancer was quite good and tried to teach Matt & Dave how to swing their hips a little.
DJ & Kim @ Gustavino'sThen, as per custom, we showered her with cash - yep - good old dollar bills. When I first told the guys they may want to break a bill into some ones...they looked at me with this "where the heck have you brought us?" look. (Grinning the entire time mind you!) Here we see Dmitri tucking in the cash I gave him (Lucky fella - how many of YOU have said "Honey, here are some dollar bills, can you just tuck them into her waistband for me?) We also see Dave, who didn't want to seem ungrateful for the lessons...but felt if he looked at might be not right... silly Dave.DJ & Kim @ Gustavino's
We sat under a tent at a table large enough for 6, and ordered from the $55 five-course prix fixe menu. Yum. I'd pass on the rabbit broth soup next time and opt for the salad.
DJ & Kim @ Gustavino's
Otherwise, the Mezze course (first course of homemade oven-hot pita bread and 3 dips ~ Babaganoush, Hummus and a Fava bean dip) was lovely as was the vegetable stuffed filo packets and the whole roasted sea bass - amazing flavor! May I reccomend the Mango Martini and the White Rioja (wine) that is on their short whine list. Dessert - Flan Cake with Ice Cream, Coconut, and Honey was tasty too - especially with the house mint tea. It was a great night and so good to spend more time with Dejay and Matt and to meet Dave! Yeah!


DJ & Kim @ Gustavino's
Project: Petite Chic from Minnow Knits by Jill Eaton (p. 73)
Yarn: Tahki Cotton Classic
Colors: Hot Pink (#3450) Bright Yellow (#3533)
UPDATE: I'm cruisin' on the skirt and am finished with the polka dotted I'm at the boring "knit in stockinette stitch for what seems like ever" until the skirt reached 16" long. It's currently 9.25" long...
I've a few weeks left to finish it up! Can't wait to see it on my adorable niece!

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Blogger um said...

hi kimberli! that's a great pic of you and dmitri. you're a great looking couple! sounds like you've had some fun on your whirlwind weekend. your posts are always so much fun to read. hope you have a great week!

9:34 PM

Blogger mrspilkington said...

aw, adorable you two are! what a weekend! glad you had a great time. petite chic is so cute and festive, great colours -- i love that book!

10:45 PM

Blogger Lauren said...

Hi dear Kimberli! Love the pics--your weekends always seem so jam-packed! I guess that is what happens when you live in the city that never sleeps :)

The Tahki Cotton is knitting up so nicely! That is going to be simply adorable!

Hope all is well :)

1:16 PM

Blogger Celia said...

I agree. You guys sure are cute. And the Petite Chic is adorable.

10:31 AM

Anonymous Lynne said...

Petite Chic is so cute, I think I'd like to wear it!

12:07 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOW, that Dave guy sure is cute! Where can I get his number?

5:21 PM


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