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Friday, February 25, 2005

Where does all the time go?

This weekend is ALREADY CHOCK FULL! OY! How?
Pal photo
  1. I have to CLEAN - Like a MAD WOMAN tonight (D's Mom's 1st visit to my place! See # 3.) And I decided (must have been during a jet-lagged haze) to take all of the needed frozen meats out of the freezer to make a giant pot of my pasta sauce to freeze for meals. (??) So the meat is now thawed and I will have to get at it first thing tonight.
  2. Get to the laundry EARLY on Sat pick up the freshly washed couch cover etc & then to the Silver Moon Bakery (the best in NYC!) and green grocer for the breakfast fixins. (There's no time for a "real" breakfast in the schedule.)
  3. Dmitri's Mom & Sister will come tomorrow for breakfast, then to join in a walk thru The Gates, followed by a Matinee of the Broadway show Democracy and topped off by dinner probably at my neighborhood Japanese spot Tomo.
  4. I've 2 (two) yes 2 small knitting samples to make for a project I'm involved with...deadline looming! I'll be knitting through out #6!! (Which also means all WIPs are to be put on hold!)
  5. I have to make up the goody bag for Sunday night's winner (thee who guesses the most right! See #6) & print out the Ballots!
  6. I've friends coming over for some Dresses Caddiness and Fun with Oscar Night.
  7. Fall asleep totally exhausted at the thought of the schedule for work next week! OY!
Oh - and as promised to Lolly:

orange kitty

See, Orange can be VERY VERY COOL! :-)


It was chilly and snowy in Meriden, England (and the surrounding area) but fun to be with the UK crew :
And the Obligatory cuteness from Jackson:

We enjoyed our time at The Bulls Head Inn. An Inn that fulfills what we as Americans expect a quaint English Country inn/pub should. And - it's the actual Center of England in the Inn. See the plaque that's in the carpet on our way to our rooms:

Work went well, but it's always better when with good friends! Thanks for a lovely time!


Blogger Lauren said...

MEEOOWWW!! Love the orange rhinestone goodness!!!

Have fun with all your chores and Dmitri's family this weekend--hope it all goes well!

I am curious about your job... can you tell me more over email? If you don't want to that is okay, but it looks so glamorous! :)

6:34 PM

Blogger Celia said...

Orange is very cool. I hope you have a fun Gates walk. My brother says it's been snowing, the contrast of the saffron gates and the snow should be stunning. Also, I'll be curious to know what you think of Democracy. I've heard mixed reviews.

It sounds like a fun weekend, even if it is packed.

6:43 PM

Blogger MeMoiJa said...

I don't understand ... when's orange not cool? (though personally I'm not into the cutesy rhinestone thing)
Have fun at the Gates. I seem to be constantly just behind you. I'm going Sunday, finally.

11:07 PM

Blogger um said...

now you KNOW i haven't a problem with the orange shirt :D that's hot!

i hope you have a wonderful time with d's mom and sis - sounds like some awesome plans you have there!

8:38 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

ooh love the T!! (and the funky glasses).

I posted about the Dulann Project here:

so it should spread some more. :)!

12:53 PM


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