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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

OH MY - See...a reason to get CABLE TV!

avaD was just kind enough to email me a link to a TV show that will debut TOMORROW NIGHT on the STYLE NETWORK... Craft Corner DeathMatch!

I wanna be a judge on this show! Yep! That's what I want. Looks like a BLAST!
So, hey, any judge openings? Let me know! I'm a crafty-fun chick!
(hmmm....who'm I gonna get to record it for me? My "connection" is on vacation!")


Blogger Mr. Snitch said...

Next: Jeopardy Deathmatch, Meet the Press Deathmatch, This Old House Deathmatch and especially Antiques Roadshow Deathmatch. And let's see some blood!

8:40 PM

Blogger Dmitri said...

Now if only Cablevision Westchester carried the Style channel :( - The BF

6:55 AM

Blogger Mr. Snitch said...

Mulling it over, we're thinking the "Deathmatch" brand could be the biggest thing since reality TV. We're inviting anyone with ideas for new "Deathmatch" shows (Meet the Press Deathmatch, Jerry Lewis Telethon Deathmatch, etc.) to post 'em on our site. The way things are going, some of the ideas will certainly turn up in the fall TV listings.

8:07 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's my coworker Doug on the far right. He is on the show next week - The producers were looking for craft people on Craig's List and he responded and ended up being on the show.

9:19 PM

Blogger mrspilkington said...

i'm gonna give it another try...maybe i was just tired.

9:39 PM

Anonymous theDonna said...

As I watched the second episode, it occured to me that for each craft, there's an equal chance that what people make will either be awesome or boring crap. This time the crafts were pretty cool. The Craft Lady's glue gun watch: Hot!

1:40 PM


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